Witnessing an Accident

by Png Kai Xin (P4 2021)
              I was so engrossed in studying for my upcoming test when a loud sound broke my focus. Nee nor nee nor… the wails of an ambulance’s siren blared right outside my window. Just then, memories of the accident I had witnessed one week ago came flooding into my mind.
              I had left home to run an errand at Seletar Mall. On the way to the mall, I had to cross the road. I stopped at the traffic light and waited for the green man to appear as safety always comes first.  A cyclist had stopped beside me. Several cars zoomed past and the thick clouds of grey smoke billowed in the air. I waved my hand in front of my nose.
              The moment the green light appeared, the cyclist took off and cycled past the pedestrians and me. Everyone crossed the road slowly but I was still in front of all the pedestrians. To my utter horror, a red car could not stop in time and collided into the cyclist! Eek! The tires of the car screeched. The cyclist gave a startled cry and fell off his bicycle and landed with a loud thud.
              “Ah!” He groaned in pain. He had scraped his knee and crimson red blood oozed out of the wound on his knee. He was paralysed with pain.
              The driver immediately rushed out of his car and helped the cyclist up. “Are you alright?” the driver asked him. The driver’s heart pounded wildly. Many passers-by stood with their jaws dropped and they dialled 995 on their mobile phones for the ambulance.
              Nee nor nee nor… The ambulance’s siren wailed in the air from a distance away. The cyclist nodded his head weakly when the driver and passers-by asked questions. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the paramedics lifted him onto the stretcher and into the ambulance.
             “Wait!” the driver shouted at the top of his lungs, giving the cyclist a $100 to cover his medical fees.
              Shortly after, the police arrived to investigate the accident. “Sorry…..I was looking at my mobile phone while driving and did not focus on where I was going …” the driver confessed to the police officers. They took down his details and issued him a fine and some demerit points. After the accident, the driver learnt not to look at his phone and focus while driving so he would not hit anyone.
              “Continue with your work!” my mother shouted, snapping me out of my reverie. I quickly picked up my pencil and returned to my assessment book.


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