Witnessing An Accident

by Png Kai Le (P3 2021)

               “It is the last day of school and the holidays are starting. Enjoy your holidays!” Our Science teacher, Miss Seet, announced to the students.  Everyone was over the moon when they heard about the good news.  When Miss Seet dismissed us, Jack asked me if I wanted to race down the stairs with him.  “Jack, you know that you should not run down the stairs because you might get hurt,” I reminded him as I was feeling worried.  I knew that something terrible might happen.

               “Come on, don’t be a coward.  Are you scared?” Jack replied boastfully.

               “I am not scared! I just do not want to hurt myself because I am going to Hong Kong Disneyland. If I get hurt, I can’t go to Hong Kong Disneyland!” I roared.

               “Whatever, I will just run down the stairs by myself. I am going to Sentosa later anyway!” Jack shouted back. While Jack was running down the stairs, he kept yelling, “Coward, coward, coward!” I could not believe what I was hearing. Jack was my best friend! I thought for a while and I realised that Jack was not a very good friend. Jack continued sprinting down the stairs when I noticed that there was a pencil on the floor! Before I could inform him, I saw that he had stepped on the pencil.

               Thud! To my utter horror, Jack lost his footing and started to tumble down the stairs and I knew that he would tumble all the way to the foot of the staircase. I dashed down the stairs. Usually, when I run, I do not run quickly, but this time, I knew I had to run as quickly as lightning. However, Jack had tumbled too quickly, even faster than lightning. I could not catch up with him at all! By the time I had reached the foot of the staircase, Jack was already sprawled on the floor.

               I could not believe what I was seeing. Blood was flowing out from underneath him. I sped to the General Office and informed the teachers about the accident at the foot of the staircase. The teachers’ eyes were as wide as two frisbees when they heard about it. Two teachers charged to the staircase with razor-sharp focus but when they arrived, Jack had already fainted. Miss Seet called Jack’s parents and a cold chill ran down their spines. I whipped out my mobile phone and called the ambulance.

               After ten minutes, the ambulance arrived and whisked Jack away to the hospital. He was hospitalised for three whole weeks. He had to undergo an operation for his neck and his back. Jack was groaning and crying in agony because he had sprained his neck badly.

               When school reopened, Jack was in a wheelchair. He could not play many of his favourite sports like football, running, swimming, basketball and badminton. The next day, Jack apologised to me and I felt sorry for him so I forgave him. I told Jack he should be more careful next time. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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