Witnessing An Accident

by Phay Reuben (P3 2021)
                “Yippy! It is finally recess!” Students ran like a horde of prisoners set free and they were bubbling with excitement. Alberto was as happy as a lark because his tummy was growling. He saw people buying food in the canteen, some people playing on the field, and some people sitting down on their seats. Peter and Jason were squirting water at each other using their water bottles.
                One of the teachers, Mr Tan, was on duty and he told Peter and Jason, “Stop squirting water on the floor because it will become slippery and people will fall down.” Peter and Jason did not listen and they ignored the teacher. They had created a puddle of water on the floor and they did not care.
                When Alberto had finished eating his food, he decided to return the tray to the stall where he had bought his food. Alberto was looking ahead, focused on where he was going.  He did not look at where he was going.
                Suddenly, Alberto slipped on the puddle of water that Peter and Jason had created. Oof! Alberto landed on his rear end. Alberto yelled in pain because he had hurt his back. He tried to stand up and hop to the General Office but he was still in pain. A sharp pain shot up his back. Peter and Jason witnessed the accident and ran to the General Office like a bolt of lightning and explained what had happened. Peter and Jason felt guilty because Alberto was paralysed with pain.
                Immediately, the staff called the ambulance and Alberto was whisked away to the hospital at the speed of lightning. Alberto had sustained serious injuries and was badly hurt. Alberto’s parents were informed about the accident and rushed to the National University Hospital to see Alberto. Alberto’s parents’ hands were clammy and their hearts pounded wildly. The discipline master in school punished Peter and Jason, who were not allowed to go for recess in the canteen for three days.
                Peter and Jason reflected on their actions and promised not to squirt water on the floor because it would make people slip. From that day, they agreed to follow the rules.


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