Tom The Bully

by Tan Ting En (P3 2020)
        “Rise and shine, Jerry!” Jerry’s mother exclaimed as she drew the curtains. Jerry walked to the washroom and brushed his teeth. He then tried to adjust his hair. However, it was difficult because Jerry had a strange hairline. Tom, the notorious bully, had ripped his hair out a week ago. Jerry recalled the terrible incident with tears in his eyes.
        Jerry was a shy and generous boy. During recess that day, he was reading books in class quietly while the other students were eating in the canteen. Suddenly, Tom appeared. Tom grabbed and ripped Jerry’s book.
        “Only losers read!” Tom bellowed. Jerry felt horrified but remained calm. “Why aren’t you talking?” Tom asked in confusion. “Oh, I know. Are you too scared to talk? Scaredy-cat!” Tom and his friends laughed evilly. However, Jerry still stayed silent. Tom’s plan had backfired.
        “Still not talking?” Tom asked as he grabbed a tuft of Jerry’s hair. “Not painful enough?” Tom questioned as he threw a punch. Tom felt as mad as a hornet as he spewed vulgarities. Terror gripped Jerry who was trembling like a leaf.
        Their classmates who were playing outside heard the commotion, ran into the classroom and witnessed the bullying incident. Some stared with their mouths agape while others encouraged it. One student, Jerry’s best friend, Lucas, decided to inform their form teacher, Mrs Lim. As fast as lightning, Lucas bolted to the staffroom to look for Mrs Lim. When they returned to the classroom, Mrs Lim got in between Tom and Jerry and separated them.
        “What happened?” Mrs Lim asked sternly. All of Jerry’s classmates were animatedly answering her at the same time. However, in the middle of the chaos, Mrs Lim heard a word she was not expecting: Bullying. “Stop! I heard the word ‘Bullying’. Did I hear that right?” Mrs Lim asked the students who quickly nodded. Mrs Lim stood with arms crossed and her eyes glowed red. “Tom and Jerry, bullying is not tolerated in our school. Bullies are not welcomed, understand?” Mrs Lim informed them.
        At that moment, the principal, Ms Tan, who had been passing by, quickly entered the room. Immediately, Tom told Mrs Lim, “Jerry started it,” pointing a finger at Jerry. However, Jerry pointed at his hair and his wounds without saying a word. Ms Tan and Mrs Lim looked at Jerry and agreed that Tom was the one who had bullied Jerry.
        “You’ll have to clean all the tables in your classroom for a week,” Ms Tan informed Tom of his punishment.
        “Fine!” Tom shouted.
        “Tom, now, I would like you to apologise to Jerry,” Ms Tan ordered.
        “Sorry Jerry,” Tom mumbled. However, even after Tom apologised, Tom and Jerry were still like cats and dogs. Tom did not learn his lesson. He continued bullying students and did not turn over a new leaf.

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