If your child is settling into school just fine - rejoice! But for every child who has settled in nicely, there will be one who does not.

It may be the first week into the start of the new academic year, and we can all agree that the pressure is piling on.

The countdown to a new year begins, and we present the #2022 Action Plan.

The stress is back again. Not quite as much as when your child was preparing for the PSLE exams (and again on results day), but it’s there, and it’s back.

2021 is coming to an end — now what?

I lay in my bed, staring at the blank ceiling, not knowing what to do. The beeping of machines resonated in my ears.

Yes. Celebrities are role models and should act accordingly. Celebrities are influential people and have gained the trust and support of a huge number of fans or followers.

Of the three comprehension types in Paper 2, students often need the most guidance in the Narrative Comprehension passage. 

Now more than ever, competition for our attention has grown more overwhelming for the average individual; advertising campaigns, posters and notices battle for our eyeballs to get their message across in the most efficient means possible. 

“Octavia! Get up! Its almost 8am! You are going to be late!” My mother’s voice jolted me awake. I looked over my alarm clock.