Do you know that Singapore’s transportation is ranked 6th in the world in the list of best cities for public transit? The world has many different countries, including Japan which is known for its impeccable transportation system, so being ranked 6th is outstanding for a small city.

I am Susan Soh, President of the Student Council. Thank you for the opportunity to shortlist two locations for a day-long culture and orientation programme called “Beyond Borders”. The group of visiting student delegates from South Africa who we are hosting will be in Singapore to learn more about how Singapore harnesses technology for educational purposes. I have discussed the options with members of the Student Council and decided that the Enriching Digital Journey and National Gallery are the best options.

“If you don’t study hard you will end up working at a construction site.” This is something that most Singaporean students or children have heard their parents say. This is because Singapore is a meritocratic society and Singaporean parents believe that talent, effort, and achievements are the key to success. Thus, I agree that education’s primary goal is about getting good grades to secure a job.

On 15 March, a 16-year-old Singaporean boy was detained by the ISA for planning a terrorist attack on two mosques, Assyafaah mosque in Sembawang and Yussof of Ishak mosque in Woodlands. He watched the live streamed video of the terrorist attack on the two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and read the manifesto of the attacker.

I agree that prevention is always better than cure. Prevention is to stop something from happening in the first place. It is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.