“You rascal of a monkey, that’s what you get for stealing my backpack!” I hollered at the retreating monkey as I beamed with pride. What was intended to be a leisurely stroll had been completely turned upside down. Thank goodness it had all turned out well in the end.

No matter one’s background, we should treat everyone equally. I did not always know that but one misunderstanding made me realise that we should treat everyone with compassion and respect.

I trudged along the eerie-looking alleyway past midnight. My work shift had just ended and I finally got the chance to go home to rest. I had this uncanny feeling settling in the bottom of my gut telling me that something bad was going to happen soon.

Buzzing with excitement, I rushed to open the door. My face was almost split in half by the large grin on my face. “He is finally here!” I thought to myself excitedly.