“You will never take me alive!” the kitten meowed angrily, brandishing his sword at the big hungry rottweiler looming over him. Alexa watched, hanging onto every word of Space Kitties: Return from Outer Space, the sequel.

“I can’t think of anything to give to my mother for her birthday tomorrow,” my best friend, John, groaned while we were walking home from school. After asking what she liked, I suggested to John that we bake a cake for her.

“Hey Mia, I hope you will get well soon,” I wished my best friend in order to lift her spirits. Instead of erupting into mirthful laughter as she often did in our conversations, Mia gave me a weak smile as she pushed the wheels of her wheelchair with great effort. I felt sorry for her but she had refused my help.

The recess bell rang just as Mandy’s form teacher finished her final sentence. After pushing in their chairs, Mandy and her classmates streamed out of the classroom and made a beeline for the canteen. Mandy was so eager for recess that she jostled her way past her friends and walked briskly to the canteen.

“Class, please remember that your English examination will be held next week,” my English teacher, Mr Chia, reminded the class at the beginning of his lesson. ‘’You should have revised most of your work.’’ My classmates replied Mr Chia with a resounding yes. Satisfied with the reply he had received, Mr Chia continued his lesson.

It was my birthday. I was having a blast at my party with all my friends and cousins. The huge room was decorated with vividly coloured balloons and streamers all around. Glittery banners were hung on walls in the room. A large grin was plastered on my face. I felt butterflies in my tummy. I had a feeling that this was going to be a wonderful birthday as I saw my guests having fun playing games like hide and seek, nerf war and dodgeball.

The clock struck noon and I grew more irritated. I had been searching for my school notebook that I needed for my assignments for the past two hours, but my efforts were in vain. As I reached the back of my desk drawer in frustration, I pulled out a slightly tattered dusty book that contained the photographs that I had taken since I was young. As I was flipping the pages of the book I saw a picture that caught my attention – it was a photograph of myself with an old friend, Joe, whose advice for me to eat healthily had changed my life for the better.

“Let’s go home!” John exclaimed as he waved at Tom. Grabbing their schoolbags, the brothers rushed out of the school together. Tom, the elder one, was thoughtful and mature. He was also a tall, lean and athletic boy. John was the polar opposite; he was a short, scrawny and bespectacled child. Although slightly immature, he was a sympathetic child. Nevertheless, they were like two peas in a pod. They were finally dismissed after a tiring day at school and the two could not wait to get home.

“Remember, you are grounded! No skateboarding or leaving the house no matter what!” Dio, the school bully, groaned upon hearing his parents repeat his punishment. He was so disobedient and mischievous that he had been suspended and forced to stay home while his parents went to work. Dio rifled through the pages of his book mindlessly. He would usually ride on his skateboard when he was free but his parents had kept it concealed from him.

Jason hesitated to walk into the elevator that his friends were taking to get to the top floor of the school building. Feeling frustrated, his friends urged him to get on the elevator with them and Jason gingerly stepped inside. While the elevator was moving up, Jason was so overwhelmed with anxiety that he wanted to let his tears flow freely from his eyes. However, he decided to hold his tears back and he recalled the events of the fateful day when he had been stuck in an elevator and learnt a valuable lesson.