Clarinet, percussion, saxophone. All of these made up the range of instruments I had played.  The instruments never agreed with me.

25th of April. That was a date I found absolutely confusing and was always puzzled by. Over the years, I noticed my mother extremely downcast and glum on the 25th of April.

“Hey, Nat! What did you get for this year’s exam?” My best friend, Jess, squealed excitedly as she waved her report card filled with AL1s and AL2s. Groaning, I hastily stuffed my report card filled with AL5s and AL6s into my bag just in the nick of time as Jess came scurrying towards me.

The sky was a bright cerulean blue as I made my way to the glistening swimming pool at Bedok Swimming Complex. Gulping down the lump of bile rising in my throat, I took a deep breath and marched forward.

When I was packing my childhood room for my move to my university campus, something unique caught my attention. It had a golden sheen and it reflected the light as it lay on the floor.

Ring! The high-pitched school bell went off for the final time that year, signalling the end to the last day of school. Students of all ages stampeded out of the school gate.

The heat licked my sunburned face and coiled around my limbs like a great hot-blooded serpent. The ground smouldered and sent up a disorienting haze. Even the loud birds were unusually silent and the olive-green grass was so still as if it was too hot to move.

It was raining cats and dogs on a Saturday afternoon. While John was walking home from the park and sheltering himself with an umbrella, he felt sad as the rain had interrupted his picnic at the park. Just then, a gush of wind snatched his umbrella off his hand.

“Ah! It’s 11.15 already. I need to get ready for the marathon award ceremony!” Asha cried. Her face creased up and she started to run all over the house to get ready. “I’m going to be late!” Asha had taken part in the Standard Charted Singapore Marathon.

“Wow, Johor Bahru is intriguing!” I exclaimed. Three years ago, my uncle, my parents and I were travelling to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We were all on a plane, as it spread its wings high in the air, flying like a bird. Sitting in the middle of the plane, I looked at the map of Malaysia as we were visiting my family members there.