“Aaah… What a peaceful day! Time to prepare for my piano performance. Time flies too fast — there are still two more days till the performance and I can’t wait to show everyone what I have been practising,” I muttered to myself as I stretched my arms outright before I clasped them together, full of hope.

 Will was a very playful boy. He always did the wrong action when he knew what the right thing to do was.

“Hey, you are such a fatty!” an Upper Primary boy teased a Lower Primary boy and made him cry. Seeing this scene unfold in front of me, I remembered what had happened to me last time…

“How could you be so careless?” Roy’s mother scolded.                         Roy and his mother just came back from the supermarket.

“Yay! It’s Chinese New Year!” I exclaimed with a smile plastered on my face. My mother decided to bring me to Orchard Road to shop for new clothes as it was Chinese New Year. I was bubbling with excitement. We took a cab to Orchard Road.

Silence. Absolute silence. The house was so quiet that I could have heard a pin drop. My rambunctious brothers were at tuition and my mother was watching Korean dramas in the master bedroom. I was sitting on my little blue chair in my room, enjoying the peace and quiet in the house.

Max is a very hardworking boy. He will not give up no matter the difficulty he faces and will always try his best to win or achieve what he wants to. In the morning, when he is at school, he listens to the teacher and takes many notes. After school, he goes to the sports hall, warms up and runs a few laps around the track.

“Yes, I finally got hired as a Master Chef!” Bob said proudly.                 Bob was dancing and jumping up and down. A huge grin spread across his face. It was always Bob’s dream to be a Master Chef since he was a child. Since he was young, he used to cook pizza, pasta and many other dishes. He always used to cook dinner for his family since he was ten years old. He cooked the best meals and desserts. His food was delectable.