Looking at the trophy awarded to me beside my bed, I recalled the proudest moment of my life and what had happened that day…

              “Boo!”  Noah and Shane tried to spook me when I answered the door.  “Happy Halloween!”  Everyone was grinning from ear to ear while we showed off our costumes.  Just like many others, we were dressed as our favourite Halloween characters like Dracula, the Frankenstein monster and the Werewolf. 

Ring! The shrill ring of the school bell pierced through the air, signalling the end of a long school day. I bolted out of my seat, excitement bubbling within me. I could not wait to show my family the award-winning artwork I had submitted for my school’s annual art competition.

“Hey, Tim! Remember to wear your helmet when you cycle,” Tim’s mother shouted across the living room just when Tim was about to cycle to meet his friend at the park, Tim nodded his head and reached for his safety gear.

I was so engrossed in studying for my upcoming test when a loud sound broke my focus. Nee nor nee nor… the wails of an ambulance’s siren blared right outside my window. Just then, memories of the accident I had witnessed one week ago came flooding into my mind.

“Class, please settle down! I have some exciting and surprising news!” our form teacher, Ms Tan, announced at the top of her voice as she clapped her hands to get the class’ attention. The class turned to look at Ms Tan and they gave her their fullest attention. “There is going to be an inspection tomorrow and the cleanest classroom will be the winner. The prize is a secret.”

“I really want to open a bakery someday.  I had tried so many rounds to win in many baking competitions.  So I have approval certificate to set up my own bakery.  Sigh….” I muttered “Today will be my final baking competition before I risk being disqualified.”

Rose is a very naughty girl. She knew she would get scolded if she asked to buy a toy from the toy store near her house but she kept on pestering for the toy. “May I have the new toy from the shop nearby, please?” Rose asked.

“Annabel! You should pack your school bag now. The first day of Primary 5 starts tomorrow and you are still not prepared!” my father bellowed from the living room with his arms akimbo.

As dawn gave way to the cheery morning sun, Jack and his parents drove to a new shopping mall. When they entered the shopping mall, an instantaneous explosion of bright lights illuminating up every corridor greeted them.