“When will I ever be rich?” I thought to myself.

“You will never take me alive!” the kitten meowed angrily, brandishing his sword at the big hungry rottweiler looming over him. Alexa watched, hanging onto every word of Space Kitties: Return from Outer Space, the sequel.

“I can’t think of anything to give to my mother for her birthday tomorrow,” my best friend, John, groaned while we were walking home from school. After asking what she liked, I suggested to John that we bake a cake for her.

“Hey Mia, I hope you will get well soon,” I wished my best friend in order to lift her spirits. Instead of erupting into mirthful laughter as she often did in our conversations, Mia gave me a weak smile as she pushed the wheels of her wheelchair with great effort. I felt sorry for her but she had refused my help.

“Pass the ball to me!” Vivian hollered at us. Hearing her calls, I quickly threw the ball to Vivian and she swiftly threw the ball to another player who was nearer to our goal. It was the school holiday and I was at the beach with my friends Janice, Jane and Vivian. We were engrossed in playing with the beach ball as the sun smiled down on us and the salty breeze caressed our cheeks.

“Finally, it’s time for recess! I have been waiting for it since the start of the day!” I exclaimed as soon as I heard the bell chime its melodious tune. My two best friends, Tim and Jane, laughed at my proclamation and just like our classmates, we made a beeline for the canteen. After we had devoured our food in the bustling canteen, we immediately dashed to the library to meet our friend, John.

Janet’s heart was beating wildly in her chest. She prayed hard, hoping to be the winner for the art competition that year. Janet had put her heart and soul into her art piece for the competition. She desperately wanted to win the new premium set of washable markers that was listed as the grand prize.

Dun….Dun….Ding.  The recess bell rang.  I was looking at my timetable and realised that the period after recess was art.  My art teacher, Ms Fong, was the second strictest teacher in school.  I looked at the board where the reminders were written and suddenly, a thought struck my head, “Wait, did I bring my colour pencils?”

A deafening and uncomfortable silence enveloped the classroom. My classmates and I were overwhelmed by waves of anxiety. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for our form teacher, Mr Oui, to walk through the door. Fifteen minutes had passed and there was no sign of Mr Oui.

Will was a very playful boy.  He always did the wrong action when he knew what the right thing to do was.  One Sunday afternoon, he was in the kitchen at home alone.  He was extremely hungry, so he decided to boil some water and cook some instant noodles.