by Kaelyn Chua (P3 2022)
         It was my birthday. I was having a blast at my party with all my friends and cousins. The huge room was decorated with vividly coloured balloons and streamers all around. Glittery banners were hung on walls in the room. A large grin was plastered on my face. I felt butterflies in my tummy. I had a feeling that this was going to be a wonderful birthday as I saw my guests having fun playing games like hide and seek, nerf war and dodgeball.


         Finally! It was time to eat the cake after playing games. I had been craving for the sweet cake. There was the main birthday cake meant for the guests, but there was also a small cake for me. Even though my mother told me sternly not to eat the whole cake in one sitting, I was not going to listen to her – especially when it was my favourite chocolate cake she had baked.


         Ah! After tiring trips from one corner to another to give the pieces of cake to the guests, I finally got to sit down and eat my delicious mouth-watering cake. My eyes ogled the decadent chocolate cake, topped with picture-perfect swirls of icing. I could image how delectably creamy it would feel upon popping a piece of cake into my mouth. I always had a sweet tooth. My mother would usually restrict my diet but today was an exception since it was my birthday. I dug my hands into the cake and pulled out a handful of cake and stuffed it into my wide-open mouth. Yum! I thought. I started shoving handful by handful of cake into my mouth. It seemed impossible to stop.


         Before I knew it, I had finished half of the cake! Delicious! I thought as I sucked my fingers, leaving not one crumb behind. Angry pairs of eyes from my parents and a few disgusted looks glared at me for eating too much, but I was too happy to care.
When the party was over, a sharp pain pierced through my belly. Every time I tried to stand, I would double over and had to lean against the wall for support. I felt my stomach churn and I instantly knew why: I had consumed too much sugar from the cake and was now paying the price. The next morning, I woke up to my teeth in unbearable pain. My mother told me it was because of the same reason I had suspected: I had eaten too much cake.


         As the Dalai Lama once said, “A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.” I learnt to have self-control, especially when eating something sweet. The next time I see something sweet, I will make sure to think twice before eating it.


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