Many parents and students have expressed their compliments for our robust programmes. Read on to hear what some of them have to say!

What parents say about our Primary Regular English Programme

ben khoo

From Band 1 to AL1, Ready for PSLE

“We decided to enrol him in Cognitus when he was disappointed with his P4 English test results. He scored around 85% out of 100%.
Cognitus helped him improve and prepare well for all his English test, including oral, situational writing, composition and comprehension. Thanks to Cognitus, he scored AL1 for English in his recent P5 exam.
I highly recommend Cognitus to my friends and relatives. This is an English enrichment centre that has caring teachers who will go into the details of which are your child’s areas of development and take constructive steps to help him/her improve.”
Parent of Benjamin Khoo, Primary 5, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

Always Looking Forward to Lessons

“Fabrienne thoroughly enjoys the lessons and always looks forward to learning new words and reading articles.”
Parent of Fabrienne Loh, Primary 6, CHIJ Kellock

Fun Learning Process and Builds Motivation

“Emily enjoys going for class every week. Dr Chua makes the learning process so fun and interesting that Emily enjoys being taught by him, and she always shares her positive experiences.
Emily enjoys the company of the classmates in Cognitus and she is self-motivated to complete her assignment with quality so as to win a thumbs-up from her tutor.”
Parent of Emily Hiu, Primary 6, St Margaret’s Primary School

In-depth Understanding of Student Weaknesses

“The teacher has in-depth understanding of the usual problems faced by students when handling sections like Synthesis, Oral, Situational Writing and Comprehension.
He is able to devise alternative ways to ensure students’ understanding.”
Parent of Jun Yang, Primary 6, Pei Chun Public School

Built Up Love for English

“My daughter has built up so much love and confidence for the subject ever since she has joined Cognitus. She always looks forward to her classes and does her English revision without much supervision.
Strongly recommend Cognitus to parents looking for a fun and effective English programme.”
Parent of Eritha Tan, Primary 6, CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

Effective Techniques Motivate Students

“My son has enjoyed Dr Chua’s lessons as they’re very engaging and interesting. I can see that his comprehension cloze marks have improved too after practising the techniques taught by Dr Chua and this has in turn motivate him further to do well for the English paper.”
Parent of Kenji Tan, Primary 6, St. Joseph’s Institution Junior

What parents say about our Primary Regular Mathematics Programme

woman (6)

A for Math!

“She managed an A for Math even though she found the paper tough, so we are very delighted. Thank you so much for taking her in at a late stage and for all your help. You were a lifesaver 🙂
Parent of Gabrielle

100% Dedication and Genuine Interest

“A heartfelt thanks to you for your 100% dedication and genuine interest in helping the kida achieve the best they can in Maths. You are a great teacher and Kyra is very lucky to have joined your class. Thank you!
Parent of Kyra
woman (1)

Top for his class!

“Would like to thank you for your guidance towards Marcus over the past months. He did very well for his Maths (87%), apparently top for his class. This achievement certainly boost his confidence. I hope he remains humble and not get too complacent. Once again, thank you so much! 🙂
Parent of Marcus

What parents say about our Primary Regular Writing Programme


Made the Right Decision to Send Her to Cognitus Academy

“Selene is more confident in writing and able to write much more than 120 words now! She understands the fundamentals of a composition and is slowly applying what she learnt. She is diligently finding ways to replace “tell” with “show don’t tell” phrases.
After this course, I’m convinced that what they went through in school is inadequate and we made the right decision to send her to a creative writing course.”
Parent of Selene Goh, Primary 4, Hong Wen School
woman (6)

Wish We Had Found Cognitus Sooner

“Very pleased with Michael’s progress in a month! He seems more confident in his composition and short story writing.
Thank you for helping him get some structure and tips on how he can improve in the four weeks he had before the exam. Also, Michael now loves to read idioms daily and makes sure he uses them in day to day activities as well as composition.”
Parent of Michael Grundlingh, Primary 6, Tanjong Katong Primary School
woman (2)

Growth as a Writer and a Person

“The Writing Masterclass was brilliantly crafted and executed by Miss Shabbna. Miss Shabbna was able to very quickly pick up where my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses were to further extend her writing ability over a short period of time. My daughter was sufficiently challenged and truly enjoyed it.
Thank you so much for your infinite patience and attention in helping Kylie grow, both as a writer and also in her appreciation of good moral values. She has gained a lot in knowing how to show more empathy towards the people around her after attending your class.”
Parent of Kylie Tan, Primary 4, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
woman (4)

Improving in Leaps and Bounds

“Mikaela was very excited when we picked her up after class and got us to guess her grade for Draft 1 😂
She was very pleased with her grades indeed. Thank you so much for your guidance; her confidence in writing is much improved! As cliché as it sounds, I hope her writing will continue to improve in leaps and bounds!”
Parent of Mikaela Goh-Earwaker, Primary 6, CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel
woman (7)

Succinct, yet Powerful

“The Primary Writing Programme is a succinct yet powerful course that has effectively equipped my child with critical strategies to plan and write his compositions with intriguing openings and compelling conclusions.
He thoroughly enjoyed his sessions with Ms Shabbna, who is an inspiring teacher. She is conscientious and gives effective feedback to elicit true learning. Bravo!”
Parent of Jayven Phua, Primary 6, Changkat Primary School
girl (1)

Learnt Characterisation and Setting the Scene

“I liked how I learnt new and different methods and techniques to improve different areas of my writing such as characterisation and setting the scene. I also found that the comments given were helpful and constructive.”
Student Sophie Chua, Primary 6, Raffles Girls’ Primary School

What parents say about our Secondary English Programme

woman (5)

Current Affairs and Structured Learning

“(1) Discussion of current affairs which are important in helping the students form opinions when they write their compositions and for their oral exams.
(2) Tips on how to improve for the various components of the English exam papers.
(3) Structured approach to guide the students on how they should answer the questions.”
Parent of Robyn, Sec 3, Beatty Secondary School, and Marcus, Sec 2, School of Science and Technology

Approachable and Helpful Teachers

“Steffie finds it easy to ask the teacher questions during lesson to clear whatever doubts she has, thus helping her to improve her answering techniques in Paper 2.
Stacie shares that the teacher is humorous and thus makes the lesson very interesting and easy to understand. This makes her motivated to learn.”
Parent of Stacie and Steffie Goh, Secondary 1, Tanjong Katong Secondary School
cheryl ang

Motivated to Learn and Attend Tuition

“Cheryl has been weak in English and improvement was shown since joining the centre for about 2 years.
The approachable teachers and engaging lessons cultivated Cheryl to write and express better in English.
Most happy to see that she is motivated to learn and attend tuition classes weekly. Good effort!”
Parent of Cheryl Ang, Secondary 1, Swiss Cottage Secondary School

What parents say about our Secondary Mathematics Programme

woman (1)

Current Affairs and Structured Learning

“A big thank you for seeing Kaitlin through the Math exams for O’s. She has grown so much in confidence under your guidance. My husband and I are most grateful.
Parent of Kaitlin
woman (2)

E Math - 95, A Math - 93!

“My Math is 95 and my A Math is 93! Also really really wanan thank you for all the help you’ve given me in these close to 8 years, I’ve really grown so much in my confidence towards Math since P3 and I’m really super super thankful for everything you’ve done to help me in my understanding of Math and you’ve made it a lot easier for me to cope with my overall workload in Secondary School because I don’t have to worry so much about my Math hehe thank you and I’ll really miss your lessons next year! :’)
Student Angelica

Great tutor

“Thank you so much for guiding me through Math for the past 3.5 years! Thank you so so much for being such a great tutor, patiently teaching us as well as answering the questions I’ve had! Thank you for always taking care of us! 🙂
Student Samuel

What students love about our other Holiday Programmes

girl (2)

JMUN Gave Me Better Chances at DSA

“It allowed me to learn more about the Model United Nations and increases the chances for my successful DSA application.”
Student Ailish Lim, Primary 6, Cantonment Primary School
boy (2)

Gained New Knowledge in JMUN

“I learnt more about the UN and MUN.”
Student Tor Yu-Herng, Primary 6, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
jayven phua

Sec 1 Jump Start Prog Gave Me Clear Idea About Sec 1 Work

“Useful notes, good practices and the skills are very easy to learn. The teacher’s explanation is super clear and he gave sufficient homework.”
Student Jayven Phua, Primary 6 going Secondary 1
boy (1)

Sec 1 Jump Start Prog Prepared Me for Secondary 1

“This programme has prepared me to face the challenges of Secondary 1 so that I will not be so unfamiliar with my work when I go to my new secondary school.”
Student of Cognitus, Primary 6 going Secondary 1
boy (3)

I had loads of fun during the PSLE Jump Start

“I now have a clearer mindset on how to write Situational Writing and tackle Synthesis and Transformation questions. The teachers were very friendly, funny and elaborative”
Student Caelan Gunalan, Primary 5, Rulang primary school

PSLE Jump Start Taught Me Many Answering Techniques

“I developed skills on how to answer Synthesis questions better and learning the right skills to do Situational Writing. This programme had helped me improve my English and answering techniques.”
Student Teng Yan Wen, Primary 5

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