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Are you looking to give your child that extra edge in their PSLE Maths preparation? Our PSLE Maths Intensive Workshops during the holidays are the perfect opportunity to do just that!

In these workshops, students will receive focused and personalised attention from experienced tutors, helping them to tackle challenging maths concepts with confidence.

Whether your child struggles with problem-solving, algebra, or geometry, our workshops cover all the essential topics tested in the PSLE Maths syllabus.

Our tutors are here to provide step-by-step guidance and useful tips, making complex concepts easy to understand.

We make sure every topic in the PSLE Maths syllabus is covered thoroughly, leaving no gaps in your child's understanding.

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Message from our Founder

Dr Daniel Chua

Founder and Director

Greetings, parents! I’m Dr. Daniel Chua, a former Head of Department in the Ministry of Education (MOE), an experienced PSLE exam marker, and a former lecturer at the National Institute of Education (NIE).

During my tenure as an MOE teacher, I had the privilege of instructing highly talented students from the Primary Gifted Education Programme (GEP). However, I also recognised that many of my non-GEP students possessed remarkable but untapped potential.

To address this, I decided to impart some of the critical thinking skills typically taught in the GEP to all my students. To my great satisfaction, these skills enabled them to significantly enhance their Maths grades.

Our Teaching Team

We take pride in helping our students achieve breakthroughs in their results.
We are able to do that because of the strong team that we have built to teach, organise and administer our robust programmes.

At Cognitus Academy, our teachers are the heart and soul of our Maths programmes. We take great care in selecting our educators, and they go through an intensive 3-month training programme to build their teaching skills.

Our curriculum and teaching methods are always evolving to keep up with changes in the education system. This transformation is led by our curriculum team, which includes ex-MOE teachers, Heads of Department, Senior Teachers, PSLE markers, and our experienced Cognitus instructors.

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Here are a few of our students who have made remarkable strides in their examinations

Conquering Mathematics through the DEPTH Framework

The DEPTH Framework provides 5 key elements to help students learn Mathematics effectively. This framework evaluates students’ current ability, helps to clear doubts, and exposes students to exam-based questions.

Our curriculum structure includes asking probing questions in class to encourage students to explore, discover and build their confidence in Mathematics.

Deepened Curriculum, Heightened Learning

Apart from what is learnt from the school syllabus, students will develop a deeper insight into the curriculum. Understanding the core concepts deeply will also enhance students’ ability to apply heuristics to handle higher-order thinking questions.

Eliminated Errors and Misconceptions

Drills and practices develop fluency and heighten students’ awareness of their carelessness when solving Mathematics questions. Training students to understand their own tendencies greatly improves the accuracy of their calculations.

Practical and Authentic (Real World) Mathematics Teasers

Learning out of real-world context requires abstract thinking. This requirement stumps some students who need to see concrete examples. Students will learn to link Mathematics to authentic real-world problems, enhancing their number sense and conceptual development.

Think Critically and Mathematically

Thinking critically requires habits of mind and problem-solving skills. Merging critical and mathematical thinking makes the learning of Mathematics exciting and engaging. Learning Mathematics in this way unlocks the fun and challenging aspects of the subject.

Honed Precision

With carefully selected tasks for each lesson, students will learn how to be quick and accurate in their computations. Beyond procedural accuracy, students will also develop structural thinking that provides repeatable steps for analysing non-routine questions.

PSLE Maths Prep Workshop

➡️ Conceptual Alignment

Each lesson in the PSLE Maths Prep Workshop is designed to focus on P5 Maths topics that are fundamental to students and will have continued importance in PSLE Maths exams. Each lesson covers the basic concepts, and systematically extends to more complex problem sums within the topic. The notes will provide clear steps for quick revision for the upcoming exams.


➡️ Topics Covered
November & December School Holidays (Full Year Topical Review)
✅ Day 1: Percentage (Discount, GST, service charge, Interest rates)
✅ Day 2: Rate and Average
✅ Day 3: Area and Volume
✅ Day 4: Advanced Geometry


📍 Goldhill Plaza

Run Programme Date and Time
Run 5 (CLOSED)
PSLE Maths Prep
(4 sessions)
28 Nov to 1 Dec
10:30am – 12:30pm

*All schedules subject to changes. Classes are usually fully subscribed 1 month in advance. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

PSLE Mathematics Level Up Workshop

➡️ Conceptual Alignment

Each lesson in the PSLE Maths Level Up Workshop will focus on the development and connection of key concepts that are commonly tested in PSLE. Your child will develop foundational understanding of key concepts and apply easy-to-use steps for solving word problems. After following some tried and tested problem-solving strategies, your child will gain more confidence for the PSLE Maths exams.


➡️ Topics Covered

In this 4-day Workshop, we will cover the following topics that clarify the most basic types of word problems.

March & June School Holidays
✅ Day 1: Model Drawing (Double vs Multiple Quantities, Static vs With Transfers)
✅ Day 2: Assumption vs Guess and Check, Grouping and Number x Value
✅ Day 3: Part-Whole vs Part-Part (Fraction of Whole and fraction of remainder, Identify base of percentage, Repeated Identity in Ratio)
✅ Day 4: Perimeter and Area in Composite Figures, Angle Properties in Geometry


📍 Goldhill Plaza

Run Programme Date and Time
Run 3
PSLE Maths Level Up
28 May to 31 May
10:30am - 12:30pm
Run 4
18 Jun to 21 Jun
10:30am - 12:30pm

*All schedules subject to changes. Classes are usually fully subscribed 1 month in advance. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

PSLE Mathematics Power Up Workshop

➡️ Conceptual Alignment

Each lesson in the PSLE Maths Power Up Workshop will focus on the interconnection of key concepts that are commonly tested in PSLE. Your child will develop systematic thinking processes for analysing complex word problems and breaking them down into simpler parts. After seeing the interconnectedness of the PSLE Maths topics, your child will be able to apply the correct methods that they have learnt to solve word problems efficaciously.


➡️ Topics Covered

In this 4-day Workshop, we will cover the following topics that differentiate AL1 students from the rest.

March School Holidays
✅ Day 1: Comparison models with units and numbers intermingled with transfers, Factors vs Multiples, Excess vs Shortage in various contexts
✅ Day 2: Big Total / Small Total vs Big Difference / Small Difference (across topics), Grouping and Number x Value
✅ Day 3: Perimeter and Area of Composite Figures, Volume and Surface area
✅ Day 4: Volume and Displacement and Rate (with fraction of whole), Rate and Statistics in real-life application

June School Holidays
✅ Day 1: Simultaneous Concept (Remove and Replace), Excess and Shortage Across Various Contexts, Percentage Discount and Additional Discount
✅ Day 2: Equal Fractions vs Repeated Identity, Part-Whole vs Part-Part
✅ Day 3: Sets and Patterns, Markings and Gaps, Overlapping Figures
✅ Day 4: Shaded Area as Fraction of Composite Figures, Hidden Dimensions in Composite Figures


📍 Goldhill Plaza

Run Programme Date and Time
Run 3
PSLE Maths Power Up
28 May to 31 May
2pm - 4pm

*All schedules subject to changes. Classes are usually fully subscribed 1 month in advance. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

PSLE Mathematics Final Dash

➡️ Conceptual Alignment

In the PSLE Maths Final Dash Workshop, we will be specifically tackling Paper 2 by looking at questions from past year school prelim papers. The focus will be on how your child can tackle questions across different topics and concepts. Your child can expect more guiding questions and prompts to start off in the solving process in the correct direction. The aim is to help your child infer and write down more key information so as to gain precious method marks. Your child will also get to write down the concepts and methods suitable for each question to consolidate the learning and be ready for PSLE.

sec 3 math topics

➡️ Topics Covered

✅ Algebra
✅ Fractions
✅ Ratio
✅ Percentage
✅ Circles
✅ Angles in geometric figures
✅ Speed
✅ Volume
✅ Pie Charts
✅ Solid figures and nets


📍 Goldhill Plaza

Run Programme Date and Time
Run 6
P5 Maths Final Dash
3 Sep to 6 Sep
12:30pm - 2:30pm
Run 7
PSLE Maths Final Dash
3 Sep to 6 Sep
2pm - 4pm

*All schedules subject to changes. Classes are usually fully subscribed 1 month in advance. Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

Hear What Some of our Parents and Students Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your programme benefit my child?
After more than ten years of refinement, our Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Strategy and DEPTH Framework has helped hundreds of students improve their results by at least one grade, with several achieving Distinction (AL1) for PSLE, O Levels and A Levels.
We have infused the essence of the Critical Thinking approach and created the CRW Strategy that has an impact on students’ Comprehension Open-ended, Comprehension Cloze Passage, Comprehension Short Answer Questions (SAQ) and Summary. Our CRW Strategy develops students’ writing ability, helping them in their Continuous Writing. We are proud to share our students’ essays with you in our Blog.
Our DEPTH Framework condenses Mathematical techniques into 5 key elements that students should put more emphasis on. Students will have to not only be quick with their understanding and calculations of Math questions, but also to be right in their answers while not making any careless mistakes.
How qualified are teachers at Cognitus Academy? Are they NIE-trained?
We share the same concern with the parents of all our students. We want the teachers teaching your child to be the best at what they do and demonstrate the professionalism befitting an educator. All Cognitus Academy teachers undergo a stringent interview process, rigorous training programme and aptitude tests before they are allowed to teach our students. All our teachers have completed university education with high achievements and have wealth of experience teaching English, including writing. Guided by Dr Daniel Chua, an NIE-trained ex-teacher and a former NIE lecturer himself, our teachers meet weekly for professional development and mentoring. 
Not all our teachers are former MOE teachers. While we believe that the training and experience of a former school teacher can be invaluable, our observation has been that students taught by former school teachers may not always do well when it matters. Otherwise, parents would have sought their children’s school teachers for guidance. Armed with our strategy and teacher development programme, we believe that our team of teachers will help your child improve and excel.
Do you offer a trial lesson for new students before they commit to termly lessons?
Yes, we offer a trial lesson for students who are new to Cognitus Academy. We understand that parents need to know that our programmes can meet the needs of their children before they commit their time and resources at our centre. Therefore, we will arrange for a trial lesson in one of our available class slots for new students to try out the teaching approach, lesson material and classroom environment before joining us. The teacher will conduct a brief diagnostic session with the student 15 minutes before the lesson. After the lesson, the teacher will conduct a 15-minute feedback session with the parent. Please note that the teacher may conduct these sessions over a phone call due to the teacher’s lesson schedule.
Do you offer replacement lessons if my child misses a lesson?
To fully benefit from the programme, students are strongly encouraged to attend lessons consistently. In the event that students are unable to attend a class due to school events or medical leave, we offer replacement lessons to be scheduled within the same lesson week. Students are allowed to join an existing class of the same level if there are available seats. Should your child be unable to attend a replacement lesson during the week, lesson materials will be passed to him/her in his/her next lesson. While we will try our best to schedule a replacement lesson for our students, we regret that replacements classes are not guaranteed. We also seek your understanding that fees collected are not refundable because resources have been committed to provide the lesson for your child on the scheduled time. 
How is your Mathematics programme different from other Mathematics tuition programmes?
Cognitus Academy applies the DEPTH Framework where we ensure that learning does not simply come from drill and practice. DEPTH Framework focuses on real-life application of Mathematics and problem-solving skills. We follow a structured lesson plan where students apply their knowledge in bite-size practices and move on to problem sums to build their confidence. Students who are strong in Mathematics will be stretched through practices with non-routine questions.
My child is not doing well in Paper 2 (Problem Sums). How will your programme help him/her?
Our diagnostic process starts from learning the needs of every student. Once we have identified the main cause of the student’s error, we will embark on a remediation plan that runs parallel with our regular lessons. Students often struggle because of conceptual misunderstanding, lack of comprehension for the question, lack of confidence and carelessness. From there, we will focus on the best course of remediation for your child.
How does my child build up his/her foundation in Mathematics?
One key foundation in the DEPTH Framework is the ability to connect mathematical concepts with real-life examples. Starting from the concrete application of Mathematics, your child can then develop understanding in using abstract (numbers and models) forms of presentation for their interpretation and solution of each question. Our experienced teachers will also pace your child towards success by helping them to create small victories that lead to big success in Mathematics.
If my child has Mathematics questions from school that he is unable to solve, can he consult the centre’s teachers?
Certainly! The purpose of conducting a small-class Mathematics tuition is to create a structured, yet individualised learning experience for our students. Please send all your child’s questions from school and individual practices our way.
How is a typical Primary Mathematics lesson like?
Each P3 to P4 lesson runs for 90 minutes. Each P5 to P6 lesson runs for 2 hours.
– For the first 15 minutes, we will go through corrections from previous homework. This step is critical in helping students correct misconceptions.
– The next section of the lesson will focus on conceptual and skill teaching, where the teacher explains the topic of the day by adopting a “I do, we do, you do” approach. First, the teacher demonstrates the skill to be taught. Next, the teacher and students work out the questions together. Finally, the student is able to solve the questions independently.
How many students are there in a class?
We keep our class sizes small for conducive learning, around 10 for English and up to 20 for some Maths classes. The aim is to provide the best individualised support for students within a group. Our consistently good results are a testament to the effectiveness of our class sizes.

Thanks for taking time to read about our
PSLE Mathematics Intensive Workshops.

These are the underlying principles behind some of the strategies taught to gifted kids. We want mainstream students to also benefit from them because we have seen how powerful they can be. If you want your child to improve significantly for the coming PSLE Mathematics exams, sign up using the form below.