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Did Synthesis and Transformation pull down your child’s SA2 marks in P5?

Is your child still not doing well in composition with less than one year to PSLE?

Is your child missing a proven strategy to score at least 15/20 for Compre OE?

From our experiences

Adopting our Critical Writing and Critical Reading approach, our team of ex-MOE teachers and PSLE exam markers have developed an intensive masterclass to help students with the following
core components of the English exams

students are struggling in S&T because they are unsure of the grammar rules, resulting in inconsistent performance for this section. Poor knowledge of grammar also affects Grammar MCQ (10 marks), Grammar Cloze Passage (10 marks) and Editing (6 marks)

Students are also losing marks in Comprehension OE as they are unable to understand the context of the passage and lack answering techniques.

Composition is a major obstacle for students aiming for A* because they do not know how to improve specific parts of their composition and are unable to identify and fix their particular weakness in writing.

Here at Cognitus Academy...

Having been trained to teach at the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), Dr Daniel Chua designed a system that develops critical thinking while integrating practical English Language skills that are relevant for school exams.

The Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) Strategy continues to be refined by our curriculum team comprising our experienced Cognitus teachers, ex-MOE teachers, Heads of Department, Senior Teachers and PSLE markers.

Our teachers are not only proficient in delivering lessons that apply the CRW Strategy, but also participate in making the system more engaging and effective during our curriculum planning sessions.

Among our past PSLE students, an average of 83% achieved distinction (A and A*), with many improving by at least one grade. ​

Among our past students who have taken their PSLE English exams, 83% achieved distinction (A and A*), with the rest achieving improvement by at least one grade. Among the areas that they made improvements, the most significant grade jumps come from Comprehension OE, Compre Cloze, S&T and Composition.

Our teachers will impart top exam tips and secrets to prepare your child better for the PSLE English exam.

Mastery of English requires consistent effort over a period of time. However, some students may have heard about our programmes too late, or just need an additional set of strategies to do well in the exams. The PSLE Exam Masterclass is designed with these students in mind.

The following core components of the English exams will be covered in the PSLE Exam Masterclass:

PSLE English Exam Paper

Situational Writing
Situational Writing (SW)
✔ Students will learn the format and style of formal and informal emails/letters.
✔ Improve on contextual tone & vocabulary by identifying the Purpose, Audience and Context of a SW question.
What will be covered: 

✔ Emails (formal/informal)
✔ Letters (formal/informal)
Comprehension Cloze Passage
Students will develop the ability to:


✔ Identify main ideas of each paragraph
✔ Fill in blanks in the passage based on the context
✔ Identify clues in the passage
Synthesis and Transformation
Students will be taught the following grammar conventions:
– Subject-verb agreement
– Tenses
– Conditional sentences
– Relative clauses
Students will also be taught up to twelve different types of S&T questions, including
– Contrast (despite, though, etc)
– Cause and effect (so…that, in order for, etc)
– Reported speech (statements, commands, questions)
– Conditions (if, unless, lest, etc)
Finally, students will be exposed to the most challenging types of S&T questions, similar to past PSLE and school exam questions.
Comprehension Open-Ended
✔ Sharpen critical thinking skills through practices and critical reading of passages.
✔ Students will be engaged in question analysis, building their inferential skills and demonstrate logical reasoning.

What will be covered
✔ Critical reading
✔ Answering techniques

PSLE English Exam Oral

Reading Aloud
✔ Develop accuracy in pronunciation and the ability to read with expression
✔ Learn to analyse graphic stimulus and predict possible questions for Stimulus-based Conversation.
Stimulus-Based Conversation
✔ Interpreting the stimulus
✔ Predicting questions
✔ Designing responses

Excellent strategies requires excellent execution

In addition to the PSLE Exam Masterclass, Cognitus Academy prepares our students for PSLE through our proven Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) Strategy taught by a team of dedicated English specialists.

Ms Nawirah Nordeen

Education Consultant / Teacher
Ms Nawirah Nordeen completed her degree in Psychology with Magna Cum Laude. Always passionate about teaching English and committed to her students, she has guided hundreds of students since she started teaching in 2012.

Ms Shabbna Feroz Khan

Education Consultant / Teacher
Ms Shabbna earned her degree from the National University of Singapore, majoring in philosophy with a minor in English Literature. Before that, she achieved a sterling academic record for English scoring A* for PSLE, A1 for O Levels and 7 out of 7 for IB English at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

How Cognitus Academy Gives Your Child the Edge

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✅ Our teaching approach is guided by CRW Strategy, maximising lesson time for your child’s learning. Your child might have spent many months, even years, in some tuition centres but have not seen improvement because they do not impart proven strategies to fundamentally improve your child’s English.

✅ Our class sizes are kept small for your child’s maximum contact time with teachers. Let’s face it. Students are not learning effectively in schools because of massive class sizes and overworked (and overwhelmed) teachers. Looking for big tuition classes will be just as ineffective.

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✅ Our team is passionate and experienced, with a proven track record. Home-based one-to-one tuition can cost $70/80 per hour for experienced teachers. On the other hand, teachers who charge lower fees are often current students and untrained teachers. With us, you get value for money, but more importantly, value for your child’s precious time.

Here’s what our students say after they have attended our PSLE Exam Masterclass

Has been a short runway, but am glad you were there to guide him and clear any doubts he has with English. Especially his S&T! He used to score just 2 points for that section, and I was so worried for him. Ryan was so happy he scored A for PSLE!

Parent of Ryan Chew

“My daughter improved in her English from C to B in her PSLE. And, this improvement was seen in a span of just 1 month before her PSLE!”

Parent of Twylla Teo

“The teacher has in-depth understanding of the usual problems faced by students when handling sections like Synthesis, Oral, Situational writing and Comprehension. He is able to devise alternative way to ensure student’s understanding.”

Parent of Jun Yang

Thanks to Cognitus, I see the progress of my child.
Got his confidence in Composition!

Parent of Takuya Udagawa

Here are some of our students who achieved massive improvements in their English exams

If you’re ready to help your child prepare for 2021 PSLE English exam, pen these dates down

Month Oral Situational Writing, S&T, Compre Cloze & OE
22/12 (Tuesday)
9:00am to 12:00pm
24/12 (Thursday)
9:00am to 2:00pm

*All schedules subject to changes

Thanks for taking time to read about our PSLE Masterclass.
These are the underlying principles behind some of the strategies taught to gifted kids.
We want mainstream students to also benefit from them because we have seen how powerful they can be.
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