A True Friend

by Kalen Seah (P3 2020)
                  The city was calm and a cool wind was blowing. The crimson sun was sinking in the horizon as Jimmy plodded back home from an exhausting day in school, mulling over how he could pass his upcoming examination. He had always loved taking examinations. It was a challenge for him and he had always been a diligent student. Unfortunately, this year, he had suffered from a severe cold and was unable to attend school for a month. As a result, he struggled to catch up with his schoolwork even with the help of his teachers. The upcoming examination was crucial as it would determine his class next year. Despite scoring well for his previous papers, the heavy percentage this upcoming paper carried meant that his grades were in jeopardy.


                   “How am I going to pass this upcoming paper?” Jimmy lamented to his mother as soon as he reached home. His eyebrows were furrowed and he paced around the living room.


                    “You look tired and you had already finished two assessment books. Why not take a rest? Tomorrow’s another day!” replied his mother reassuringly.


                     Jimmy smiled faintly and nodded as he walked solemnly to his bedroom, trying not to think about his examination. Sadly, it was in vain. Jimmy spent all night, tossing and turning in his bed as his mind continued to race with thoughts about his examination.


                      The next day, Jimmy took his sandwich, bid goodbye to his mother, and went to school. On the way to school, his best friend Kalise realised that he was quieter than usual and that he had a permanent frown on his face.


                    “Hey, Jimmy! Why are you looking so nervous?” Kalise asked.


                     “Well, if you really want to know, my absence last month meant that I now struggle to catch up,” Jimmy mumbled with his head hung in shame.


                     “I’m sorry I did not realise that. You are always in the staff room with our form teacher. I assumed you were doing okay. Hmm……… Would you like it if I teach you after class at the library?” Kalise suggested.


                       “Yes, please!” Jimmy beamed widely.


                        After school, they went to the library and took out their textbooks and stationery to prepare for their revision. Then, Kalise taught him about adding and subtracting with regrouping.


                        Time seemed to fly by and soon it was closing time for the library. Jimmy thanked Kalise for the fruitful and interesting study session.


                       When Jimmy came home, he practised what he had learnt in his new assessment book. These study sessions continued for the next few weeks and he grew more confident in his work. Kalise was patient and caring. She addressed all his concerns and assisted him in anything he needed help with.


                      The examination soon loomed over them. Jimmy’s heart raced as he sat for his paper. He found it challenging but he recalled all that he had revised.


                       After his examination, Jimmy hugged Kalise and discussed all the questions eagerly. Although he could feel the tension on his shoulder, Jimmy was glad that he tried his very best.


                        When he received his results, he jumped for joy as he got the highest marks in class! Jimmy thanked Kalise profusely for being a caring friend. He was grateful he had someone by his side.

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