Conquering Mathematics through the DEPTH Framework

Our teaching methodology (DEPTH Framework) provides 5 key elements to help students learn effectively during our lessons.
This framework evaluates students’ current ability, helps to clear doubts, and expose students to exam-based questions.

Nurturing critical mathematical and numeracy skills is challenging. Therefore, Cognitus Academy’s teachers are fully trained in mathematical concepts and equipped with effective teaching strategies to enhance the learning of our students.

How we apply the DEPTH Framework in our lessons

Deepened Curriculum, Heightened Learning

Apart from what is learnt from the school syllabus, students will develop a deeper insight into the curriculum. Understanding the core concepts deeply will also enhance students’ ability to apply heuristics to handle higher-order thinking questions.

Eliminated Errors and Misconceptions

Drills and practices develop fluency and heighten students’ awareness of their carelessness when solving Math questions. Training students to understand their own tendencies greatly improves the accuracy of their calculations.

Practical and Authentic (Real World) Math Teasers

Learning out of real-world context requires abstract thinking. This requirement stumps some students who need to see concrete examples. Students will learn to link math to authentic real-world problems, enhancing their number sense and conceptual development.

Think Critically and Mathematically

Thinking critically requires habits of mind and problem-solving skills. Merging critical and mathematical thinking makes the learning of Math exciting and engaging. Learning Math in this way unlocks the fun and challenging aspects of the subject.

Honed Precision

With carefully selected tasks for each lesson, students will learn how to be quick and accurate in their computations. Beyond procedural accuracy, students will also develop structural thinking that provides repeatable steps for analysing non-routine questions.

Excellent strategies requires excellent execution

Our team of experienced Math teachers are well-versed in the DEPTH Framework and are fully dedicated to help your child grow and improve.

Dr Daniel Chua

Founder and Director

As a seasoned PSLE exam marker and innovative educator, his students have achieved sterling results in both English and Math. Dr Chua’s students have benefitted from his ability to connect mathematical concepts with real-life examples, explain difficult concepts in a clear and effective manner, and devise easy-to-apply methods to answer complex problem sums.

As a result, 42 out of 44 students in his inaugural PSLE cohort managed to score A* (above 91%) in their PSLE Math exam.

Ms Daphne Sim

Education Consultant / Teacher

An inspiring English and Math teacher at Cognitus Academy, Daphne has always been guided by a great passion to master the subjects that she teaches and pedagogies to teach them better. Achieving distinctions for both English and Math subjects in her formative years has fuelled her lifelong interest in these subjects, developing her affinity with numbers combined with astute problem-solving skills.

Ms Joyce Ong

Education Consultant / Teacher

Ms Ong teaches English and Math in Cognitus Academy. A trained teacher, Ms Ong has taught in MOE schools for 12 years and has accumulated 15 years of teaching in private education settings.

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