Nutrition for Children

One of the first questions we googled when we became parents would most likely be: “What to feed my child?”


That, and likely also: ‘”How long before my child sleeps through the night?”


Nutrition for our children will undoubtedly be on the top of our list of priorities as parents, and will likely remain there until our children grow into adulthood.


It’s for a good reason, though. Good nutrition is essential during childhood, which is a time of rapid growth, development and activity for our children. It helps our children stay healthy and strong, and grow up to be healthy and strong.
Make correct choices
Our children have never lived in a more affluent and fortunate time in Singapore’s history. This comes with advantages (like the unfettered access to wholesome, unprocessed, and natural foods), but this also means that they have the means and ways to indulge in a host of highly processed junk food and fast food.


Lead your child to make the right choices when it comes to food and teach them to limit their intake of unhealthy (but yummy), non-nutritious (but yummy) junk foods instead. This is often easier said than done, for let’s be honest here, even as adults, most of us have a weakness for sweets, chocolate, chips, fries, and fatty foods – there is a reason why local chain Old Chang Kee and McDonald’s enjoy brisk business even in the leanest of times.


But lead by example, we must. So, we choose leafy greens over crispy fries, and reach for fruits instead of ice cream for dessert. We can also try taking our children grocery shopping with us and making it a novel experience.


Get them excited about planning their meals by involving them in the whole process and encourage them to make decisions and pick out their own vegetables and fruits that they would like to have in their meals. Take the opportunity to educate them about healthy food choices and point out the benefits of having variety in their diet.


It’s also an excellent opportunity to bond with your child!
Beware the sneaky stuff
There are a lot of hidden calories in sugary drinks and seemingly healthy snacks like dried or preserved fruits. For most of us, it is often harder to get our kids to say “no” to sugary drinks than it is to avoid unhealthy snacks. It isn’t quite feasible in the long run to ban such items from your child’s diet entirely, however, and the trick here is moderation.


If you happen to be looking for a way to get your child to cut back, it would be a good idea to do it slowly, letting your child understand that such items are not completely off limits, but perhaps just off limits during certain times of the day.


We work from there, and slowly start to cut down to every other day, until you reach a balance that you’re both comfortable with.
For a better, healthier future
What we teach our children about what they eat will lead them to form good relationships with food, nutrition, and how much they take care of their health and bodies in future.


Numerous studies have been done and published over the decades on the relationship between food and nutrition and mental and physical health. A healthy, well-balanced diet helps us think clearly and feel more alert, as well as help to improve concentration and attention span. On the other hand, a diet that is lacking in essential nutrients can lead to fatigue, a lack of concentration and may even affect one’s moods.


It’s easier to form a good and healthy relationship with food and nutrition if we start educating our children on better food choices and good habits young.


After all, like German philosopher Feuerbach famously said: “We are what we eat.”
Cognitus Academy believes in a wholesome and holistic approach to help children achieve the best of their abilities and be the best that they can be.


We understand that every child is different, and we are constantly refining and improving our approach to better cater to what our students need. Come experience our acclaimed Critical Reading and Writing Strategy and DEPTH framework that have helped countless students over the years achieve their desired results in English and Mathematics.


With two centres in the central and east of Singapore, we are more accessible than ever. Drop us a message to know more or call us at 8321 8252 if you prefer a friendly chat with us regarding your child’s needs.


At Cognitus Academy, we don’t just nurture bright minds for the future, we believe in working with you to raise happy and healthy children – to be the successful and well-adjusted adults that we all want them to be.

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