Making Sacrifices

by Caius Cha (P5 2022)
              “Ka-boom!” Peals of thunder boomed after lightning flashed across the sky. The torrential rain kept pouring relentlessly since that morning, and I had to brave through the storm alone while on the way home from school. The route I usually took was often empty of passers-by and that day, it was no different. I clutched my school bag close to my body in a feeble attempt to shield my schoolwork from being drenched by the rain. Just my luck, I sighed. It just had to rain on the day I forgot to bring my umbrella. Thankfully, there was a taxi stand right ahead where I could seek some shelter even for a brief moment. Before I could set off on the last part of my journey, I saw a familiar face approaching me with an umbrella. It was my brother coming to my rescue! That day, I promised to repay his kindness.
              It was a sunny morning the following week as I walked to school. I did my daily practice and settled down in class. Lessons carried on as usual. There was nothing special at all. Soon, the bell signalling that it was afterschool sounded. Its shrill cry cut through the hallway like a knife. It was raining heavily that afternoon but at least I had an umbrella. I then saw my brother standing near the school side entrance, looking forlornly at the rain. I walked towards him and told him, “Come, let’s go home together!” His eyes lit up upon seeing me and we went home safely. During our walk home, my brother still looked a little upset. I asked him if everything was fine and his eyes begin brimming with tears. He explained that he needed a new smartphone as a bully had smashed his into smithereens.
             The next day was a Saturday. I did my morning practices and went downstairs for breakfast, seeing my brother downstairs, I suggested to him to have some breakfast and to follow me. Once we were in my room, I brought out a small box from under my table.
             “What is in the box?” my brother asked, looking curiously at it.
             “My savings,” I replied. “I have been saving for more than two years now. I am going to buy a smartphone for you.”
             “But isn’t it expensive?” my brother asked again, his eyes shining with gratitude.
             “That is why I am buying it for you. It is too expensive for you to afford so I am helping you,” I said matter-of-factly. I knew buying a smartphone would consume all of my savings that I had saved for the past two years. Yet, I was not bothered by my selfless act of giving it to my brother.
             At the store, I asked the person at the counter for an iPhone and he took out one. I paid for the smartphone and bought a smartphone cover too. I gave it to my brother and said, “Please take care of it. You can call our parents or even me whenever there is a problem.” My brother thanked my profusely and gave me a huge hug.
            From that day onwards, I finally understood that giving was as good as receiving.
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