Losing Something

by Tan Joe Heng (P3 2022)
          The sun shone like a brilliant disc in the clear blue sky. I walked home from school with a bounce in my step and my heart swelling with joy because I had finished all my work. Today, I could play the whole morning till the afternoon!


          Excitedly, I took out a huge box of toys. I rubbed my hands in delight and admired my collection, considering which toy I should play with first. Before I started playing, my mother warned, “You can play but remember, do not mess up the toys, okay?” I agreed, nodding repeatedly but I quickly turned a deaf ear to my mother’s words.


          I played and played and played. Soon, the whole living room became a mess, but I did not really care, so I continued playing. Toys were scattered all over the floor. Mountains of toys formed. I want to play with the robot toy next, I thought. However, suddenly, I could not find my robot toy. I searched every nook and cranny for it but to no avail. My heart palpitated in my chest at the thought of my robot toy being gone forever. It was my favourite item.


          It couldn’t be missing all of a sudden, I thought. I went to my mother and wailed, “Mum, my robot toy is gone!”


          “Well, who asked you to mess up the toys? I told you already you should not mess up you toys!” my mother reprimanded. However, seeing my red and swollen face, my mother felt sorry for me. She had no choice but to buy a new one. I got into my mother’s car and my mother grudgingly drove off to a nearby toy shop.


          At the toy shop, we scanned the numerous shelves before we finally found the exact toy robot I had at home. The robot was green, the hands were short but the legs were long and it had white eyes too. My eyes sparkled with glee at the sight of the brand new toy.


          After buying the robot, I noticed that my mother still had a grumpy look on her face. I wept, “Mum, I’m sorry for losing the toy robot and I’ll never do it again. Will you forgive me?” I hung my head in shame, tears welling up in my eyes.


          “Okay I forgive you,” said my mother, softly. She embraced me in a warm hug and I was instantly comforted. From that day on, I learnt that I should tidy my toys to prevent them from being misplaced. I did not expect my robot toy to be lost! Once bitten, twice shy. I vowed to obey my mother next time to take better care of my toys.


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