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Are you concerned that your child’s school is no longer conducting mid-year exams?

Are you unsure if your child’s school exam papers are too easy or too difficult?

Is your child missing out on proven exam tips taught by PSLE markers?

How does your child compare with students of other schools?

The Problem

While fewer exams and tests are positive for students’ overall well-being, having a final exam at the end of the year exacerbates the stress further down the road. It is like kicking the can down the road when students find out too late that they are weak in the subject.

To help students track their learning accurately, Cognitus Academy will be conducting English Paper 2 Mock Exams in this coming holiday.

Benefits of Cognitus Academy Mock Exams

More Challenging Papers Than PSLE

To fully prepare students for the PSLE English Paper 2 exams, we have removed the easy questions and only incorporated Moderate and Challenging question items. These questions have been set in-house by our team of former MOE teachers and PSLE markers. So students, please come prepared!

Detailed Scorecard for Diagnosis

Furthermore, students seldom get detailed and accurate feedback from schools after exams. Without knowing where their weaknesses lie, students find it difficult to correct their mistakes and make improvement.

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Therefore, our review sessions will also include an itemised scorecard showing how your child has performed for each question type.

Benchmarking Across Different Schools

Through school exams, you know how your child is doing among his or her schoolmates. However, the Mock Exam conducted at Cognitus Academy will provide an additional layer of benchmarking for you to gauge how your child performs among students from a wide range of schools.

Special Note for P5 Students

Parents of P5 students always want to know how ready their child is for PSLE English. This mock exam is pitched at a standard that is above the usual PSLE and school standards. Take this opportunity to know where your child stands right now and work towards AL1 in PSLE.

Here’s how it works

Your child will receive a package of 1 - 4 sets of our English Paper 2 exam papers two weeks before the review sessions.

Students should complete the papers at home in one seating under exam conditions.
(Duration of Paper 2 is 1 hour 50 minutes)

Papers should be submitted to the centre for marking 7 days before the review sessions.

Cognitus Academy teachers will mark the papers and generate a scorecard for every paper done by your child.

*Please note that the marking and scorecard may be delayed if papers are not submitted in time.

Students will attend a 90-minute review session where the PSLE English coach will teach the strategies for answering all the questions and go through the answer key so that students can do corrections.

Important note: To fully maximise your child’s learning during the review sessions, we highly recommend ONE parent to accompany your child during the session.

Here’s what our students had to say
after they have attended our Mock Exams

Don't just take it from us!

“I get to know the area of improvements and predict my prelim marks and take it as a form of revision.”

Lavan Ajai

Primary 6

“Taught me techniques to tackle the questions.”

Alfonso Tan

Primary 6

“I was given tips on how to find the answer and ensure that it is correct. I was also told how to improve and where I went wrong.”

Fabrienne Loh

Primary 6

Mock Exams 2023 Review Session Schedule

Sessions (Goldhill Plaza) Date & Time
Mock Exam Set A
13 Jun, 10:30am to 12pm
Mock Exam Set B
14 Jun, 10:30am to 12pm
Mock Exam Set C
15 Jun, 10:30am to 12pm
Mock Exam Set D
16 Jun, 10:30am to 12pm
Sessions (Parkway Centre) Date & Time
Mock Exam Set A
20 Jun, 7pm to 8:30pm
Mock Exam Set B
21 Jun, 7pm to 8:30pm
Mock Exam Set C
22 Jun, 7pm to 8:30pm
Mock Exam Set D
23 Jun, 7pm to 8:30pm

*All schedules subject to changes


1 set of Paper 2 Mock Exam paper with review session for one student and parent: $130 (excl. GST)

Early Bird Discount

Cognitus students: Sign up for 2 Mock Exam papers with review sessions, get 3rd & 4th FREE

New students: Sign up for 3 Mock Exam Papers with review sessions, get 4th Free

✅ Early Bird Discount ends on 21 May 2023*.
*Terms and Conditions apply.

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