Proven Track Record of Achieving Distinction in PSLE English and Mathematics with Strategies formulated by a team of ex-MOE Teachers and PSLE Markers

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What are some challenges that PSLE students face?

➡️ Students have to make an abrupt transition from Primary 4 to Primary 5 for multiple subjects, especially English and Mathematics. The examination format will be new to them, and the level of difficulty in the questions is significantly higher.

➡️ For English, the new examination components like Situational Writing and Comprehension Cloze Passage, as well as tougher components like Synthesis and Transformation and Comprehension Open-ended, create anxiety among students and parents.

➡️ For Mathematics, even though topics are not difficult to grasp, problem sums in examinations require a range of heuristics and techniques that takes time to understand and master.

Due to the disruptions in learning caused by the Covid-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022, PSLE students may not have established strong foundations for English and Mathematics in their formative years.

Exacerbating these obstacles, some schools have also removed full mid-year examinations, leaving some students unexperienced in taking a full PSLE-style examination.

Here’s why parents trust CA to help their children overcome these challenges

1️⃣ Our teachers will provide critical and accurate diagnosis of your child’s weaknesses in English or Mathematics.

2️⃣ Your child will experience our teachers’ engaging and easy-to-understand instructions in a conducive classroom setting.

3️⃣ During regular class tests, our teachers will identify areas of weakness and propose a plan of action for helping our students improve.

English Strategy

We have developed the Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Strategy, derived from the research of Professors Richard Paul and Linda Elder.

Credits: This framework is an adaptation and synthesis of Paul and Elder’s theory on Critical Thinking, and books on Critical Reading and Critical Writing.

We have refined our approach to the CRW Strategy,
with 4 levels of Critical Reading and 2 emphases on Critical Writing.

Our students apply the CRW Strategy to achieve improvements in their English results, some progressing from AL5 to Distinction.

Mathematics Strategy

The DEPTH Framework provides 5 key elements to help students learn Math effectively. This framework evaluates students’ current ability, helps to clear doubts, and exposes students to exam-based questions.

Our curriculum structure includes asking probing questions in class to encourage students to explore, discover and build their confidence in Math.

360-degree Framework to Super-charge your Child's Academic Journey

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons provide guidance and teaching of crucial skills and concepts that will enhance your child’s learning of English and Mathematics.

Through weekly practices and homework assignments, your child will develop mastery and fluency in all important areas of learning.

Timely Detailed Feedback

After every lesson, teachers will send lesson updates through email, informing parents about key topics covered and homework that needs to be submitted. Teachers will also update parents about students' progress and highlight areas that students can make significant improvements in.

Diagnostic Sessions using Past Year Papers

Dr Daniel Chua and his senior teaching team conduct "AL1 Strategies Sessions" where the teachers will go through solutions for past year exam papers with students and their parents. These are crucial for the preparation of PSLE for students to understand and avoid making the same mistakes in the exams.

Holiday Boosters

We have a range of additional programmes designed to supplement weekly lessons in order to maximise learning time during school holidays.

Our Holiday Programmes include:
- PSLE Intensive English Workshop
- Secondary English Intensive Programmes
- English and Maths Mock Exams
- Primary Maths Intensive Programmes
- Secondary Maths Intensive Programmes


Cognitus Plus

A variety of additional support resources to help your child in their academic needs.

Cognitus Online

Efficient and user-friendly interface with access to our repository of past year school exam papers for student-driven independent learning.

Cognitus YouTube

Uncover instructional films pertinent to your child's needs and encourage them to engage in self-directed learning. 

WhatsApp Support

Parents will be able to keep in touch with our teachers should there be any enquiries anytime.

Small Class Size

Our class sizes are kept small for your child’s maximum contact time with teachers.

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Our Teaching Team

Cognitus Academy takes pride in helping our students achieve breakthroughs in their results.
We are able to do that because of the strong team that we have built to teach, organise and administer our robust English programmes.

Having been a teacher trainer at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Dr Daniel Chua has not only crafted a solid curriculum for our students, but also an effective training programme for our teachers.

At Cognitus Academy, teachers form the foundation of our English and Mathematics programmes. Prospective teachers are screened meticulously and undergo a rigorous 3-month training programme to develop core competencies of a teacher. Teaching interns also develop academic and philosophical roots in their pedagogy by studying the relevant materials in-depth and observing senior teachers in action before they enter the classrooms to teach.

After the completion of formal training, new teachers will continue to go through robust training and meet regularly to sharpen their problem-solving skills, explore innovative and effective curriculum for students, and refine teaching methods to enhance the students' mastery of the subject.

Our curriculum and pedagogy are continuously refined and updated in accordance with the changes in the education system by our curriculum team comprising of ex-MOE teachers, Heads of Department, Senior Teachers, PSLE markers and experienced Cognitus teachers.

Discover our Weekly Programmes


English and Mathematics



English and Mathematics (E/A)


*We offer the option of online lessons for our Weekly Programmes

Discover our Holiday Boosters!


- PSLE English Intensive
- Primary Writing Jump Start
- Primary Mathematics Intensive
- English and Mathematics Mock Exams



- Secondary English Intensive
- Secondary Mathematics Intensive
- Secondary 1 Jump Start


*We offer the option of online lessons for our Holiday Boosters

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