Helping A Friend

by Royce Chen (P4 2022)
        “Finally, it’s time for recess! I have been waiting for it since the start of the day!” I exclaimed as soon as I heard the bell chime its melodious tune. My two best friends, Tim and Jane, laughed at my proclamation and just like our classmates, we made a beeline for the canteen. After we had devoured our food in the bustling canteen, we immediately dashed to the library to meet our friend, John.
        John decided to spend time in the library that day as he had to use crutches and did not want to jostle his way through the crowd. He had a bad fall because his friends dared him to jump down a flight of stairs the previous week. To his dismay, he could not participate in any sports-related activities. Thus, John was always alone with a frown on his face while he recuperated.
        As we quietly entered the library, I peered and saw John sleeping soundly. He liked going to the library daily as it was quiet and peaceful. Rather than lining up to buy food, John wanted to rest. Without warning, a few bullies appeared at the corner of a bookshelf. As the leader of the pack looked curiously at John’s crutches, a mischievous smirk flashed across his face and there was a glint in his eye. He distributed some markers he had stolen from the librarian and they started to draw on John’s cast! My friends and I stood rooted to the ground, with our jaws agape as we watched them in horror.
        Being the bravest of the group, I summoned all my courage, approached the table and shouted, “Hey, John! Our teacher is requesting that you see her. You have unfinished homework to complete!” The bullies instantly hid their markers and scurried off as they did not want me to tell the teacher what they had done. Following that, my friends accompanied John out of the library. We decided to accompany him to see our teacher, Ms Shabbna.
        As we were walking to the class, I told him what the bullies had done to him. John was rendered speechless when he saw the scrawls on the cast on his leg. Not only had the bullies drawn some stickmen, but they had also written mean words. Once I approached Ms Shabbna, I explained every single detail regarding the incident and even showed John’s cast as evidence. She believed us and followed us to the library to confront the bullies.
        Luckily, we arrived in the nick of time. The bullies were just about to exit the library! Ms Shabbna stopped them, pointed at John’s cast and questioned them about their actions. Consequently, she reprimanded them, especially the leader of the bullies. She was raging with fury as she explained that we should be compassionate to our schoolmates. The bullies hung their head in shame as they apologised to John. Since the incident was very significant, Ms Shabbna decided to call up their parents. Once we were back in class, John thanked me for my help. Tim and Jane also praised me for my thoughtfulness.
        From that day onwards, my friends and I learnt the importance of helping people who are in need. After all, just as the esteemed poet Maya Angelou once said, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Just like this quote, this fateful incident will always be etched in my memory.
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