Getting the Right Word for Grammar Cloze Passages

As part of the Short-Answer Questions (SAQs) in the Primary English Examination Paper 2, Cloze passages are a sure-fire way to boost a student’s overall score.

There are two types of Grammar Cloze Passages: Fill-in-the-Blank Passages and Passages on Subject-Verb Agreement or Tense. All these require an understanding of the context in which the questions are asked, and the parts of speech that form our sentences.

This is considered the easiest yet most ignored section of English Paper 2. While some students can score full marks, other students struggle to get more than 6 marks.

To ensure our students excel in these sections, here are some examination tips we impart to them for two Grammar Cloze Passages sections:


Fill-in-the-Blank Passages



(i) Fill-in-the-Blanks Passages
  • Identify the main tense of the passage.
    • Looking at the first two lines of the text, is the passage in present tense or past tense?
  • Look for clues in the text as you read.
    • For example, if there is the infinitive to, the most basic form of the word should be used regardless of the tense.
  • Fill in both the letter and word in the blanks.
    • This helps when reading the passage again, to check for any careless mistakes.
Passages on Subject-Verb Agreement or Tense



(ii) Passages on Subject-Verb Agreement or Tenses
  • Check the instructions. Some papers may ask you to CIRCLE your answers while others may require an UNDERLINED
  • For passages on Subject-Verb Agreement, identify the person or thing that the verb is being referred to.
    • Singular Noun → Singular Verb
    • Plural Noun → Plural Verb
  • For passages on Tenses, find the main tense of the passage before checking for clues in each line.
Most children may find this to be the easiest section to score in Booklet B. But with our tips, we hope to be able to aid them to score better for this section.
At Cognitus Academy, we believe in cultivating learners who approach the English Language paper with awareness and intent. In applying our skills, our students enjoy mastering the language and are instilled important learning habits that are beneficial to their future.


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