Forgiving Someone

by Zoey Mun (P5 2022)
             The sound of the door slamming shut echoed through the hallway as I tossed my school bag aside and kicked my shoes off.
             “Mom, I’m home!”
             “Come to the dining room! I’ve prepared lunch for you,” Mother’s words echoed back.
             I skipped across the hallway and took my place at the dining table, my stomach aching and groaning in pain. However, my heart leapt when I saw Mother carrying a plate of crispy deep-fried chicken wings in one hand and a large bowl of broccoli in the other. The lazy susan already held a bowl of rice and a pot of fish soup.
             “I prepared your favourites. Eat up!” Mother smiled a warmed smile.
             I laid back on my chair, massaging my full stomach. After resting for a while, I picked up my school bag from the hallway and headed to my room to shower. As I got closer to my room, I heard the sound of paper tearing and ripping. Suspicious, I cautiously peeked my head in. It was my younger brother, Sammy, his back turned towards me. He seemed to be tearing the pages of a notebook. Squinting my eyes, I saw that the book had a violet cover with shiny silver stars plastered all over. It was at that moment I realised what the notebook was. My diary.
             I could not breathe. I could not blink. It was like the entire world had stopped. My mind had shut down and my body would not budge. I was glued to the wooden door frame of my room stood there for what seemed like an eternity. Tears streamed down my face and I clutched the door frame so hard that I had made shallow dents in the wood. My breaths came out in heavy pants. I wanted to run over to Sammy, strangle him, throw across the room and punch him until I was satisfied. But I knew I could do none of that. I would be blamed and at fault for bullying my brother. I gritted my teeth and raced back down the corridor. All I could do was tell Mother.
             I tugged on my mother so hard she almost dropped the plate of rice in her hands. Seeing the look on my face, she set the plate aside and ushered me to the living room. After we sat down, I told Mother what Sammy had done. The look for hate was clear on my face as I explained. I was even thinking of killing him and ending suffering once and for all. After hearing my explanation, Mother sighed and replied, “Sera, you know he’s only seven years old. He’s still young and doesn’t understand privacy. Please forgive him.” I was utterly shocked. How could Mother use that lame excuse for this? Sammy had invaded my privacy and tore it apart. Before Mother could stop me, I took off towards my room, ready to show my brother a piece of my mind.
             As I dashed back to my room, I heard someone shouting as if they were sulking. “How dare you bully my sister! I’ll tell my mummy and you’ll be sorry! You’re so ugly Stay away from my sister! Stupid Nathan!” I stopped in my tracks when I heard the name “Nathan”. Nathan was a bully and he constantly taunted me. I had kept him a secret because I did not want Mother to worry. At that moment, as I watched Sammy shout at and stamp his foot on an ugly drawing of Nathan I had drawn to vent my anger, I felt a sense of gratitude. Knowing that my brother had torn those pages because he wanted to defend me made my heart swell. I sprinted towards my brother and wrapped him in a tight bear hug, crying as I went. Seeing me cry made him break down as well. We sat on the floor for a few minutes, crying our hearts out.
             After wiping our tears, with a sorrowful look, Sammy apologised, “ Sera, I’m sorry for tearing your personnel diary. I was just curious when I saw you writing in it the other day.” “It’s alright, I forgive you. You are truly the best brother anyone could have I laughed as he gave me a goofy grin.
             Looking back, I realised that forgiveness was the key to peace. If I have actually beaten Sammy up, the result would not have been good. Sometimes, it is better to understand the reason before taking action. Forgiving someone was easier said than done, but at the end of the day, the relief that it is over is worth it.
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