From Cognitus Academy’s Founder, Dr. Daniel Chua, To Parents Of Secondary School Students

Achieve A1 in O-Level English with Cognitus Academy’s Revolutionary CRW Method... Developed By Former English HOD!

Cognitus Academy PSLE English
Dear Parents and Students,
I am Dr. Daniel Chua, the founder of Cognitus Academy, and I’m here to share how our unique Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Method has transformed the way students approach O-Level English.
This simple secret has helped over 80% of our students achieve Distinctions in O-Level English… year after year!

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The Limitations of Traditional English Teaching

Most conventional methods fail to address the root causes of struggles in English, often leading to temporary solutions without lasting understanding or improvement.
Temporary Relief: 
Traditional teaching methods often provide temporary solutions that fail to address underlying issues.
Surface-Level Understanding: 
Many approaches focus on superficial comprehension, lacking depth in critical thinking and analytical skills.
Ineffective Strategies: 
Traditional methods sometimes fail to penetrate the deeper layers of language learning, leading to insufficient preparation for advanced examinations.
Incomplete Solutions: 
Often, the root causes of language challenges, such as critical thinking and analytical skills, are overlooked, hindering long-term progress.

Introducing The Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Strategy

Our unique Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Method, honed by a former MOE Head of Department, ensures more than 80% of our students outperform the national average, achieving distinctions in O-Level English.

Starting with foundational skills like paraphrasing and main idea identification, we lead students to advanced analytical and evaluative levels, ensuring they are well-prepared for the O-Level English exams.


Why the CRW Strategy Excels:

Deep Understanding:

Our CRW Method penetrates beyond the surface, fostering a deeper grasp of English by addressing it at the root.

Comprehensive Coverage:

We tackle all aspects of English proficiency, ensuring a well-rounded mastery of the language.

Long-term Improvement:

Our method is designed for sustained progress, equipping students with skills that last beyond the exams.

Holistic Development:

Beyond exam success, our CRW Method nurtains critical thinking, analytical abilities, and a genuine appreciation for the English language.

Your Path to O-Level English Success

Our programme is structured to build critical reading and writing skills progressively. 
Starting with foundational skills like paraphrasing and main idea identification, we lead students to advanced analytical and evaluative levels, ensuring they are well-prepared for the O-Level English exams.
The CRW strategy encompasses various aspects of English, including:
– Paper 1 Mastery: From editing to continuous writing, we provide targeted strategies to excel in every section, focusing on grammar, situational writing, and continuous writing.
– Paper 2 Proficiency: We cover visual text comprehension, narrative, and non-narrative texts, teaching students to analyse and interpret information critically.
Beyond the classroom, we offer Cognitus Online for independent learning, engaging instructional films on our YouTube channel, and a robust support system through WhatsApp, ensuring a holistic and supportive learning journey.

Embrace the Cognitus Advantage

Superior Methodology: 
Our CRW Method provides an unparalleled advantage in mastering English, akin to the most effective, side-effect-free solutions in the medical field.
Proven Results: 
Like trusted treatments backed by experts, our method is proven to yield outstanding results, with over 80% of our students attaining distinctions.
Expert Guidance: 
Led by an experienced MOE Head of Department, our team embodies excellence in English education.
Sustainable Success: 
We offer more than just exam preparation; we equip students with skills for lifelong success.

Join Us for a Transformative Educational Experience

Choosing the right English programme is crucial. 
At Cognitus Academy, we are committed to providing a learning experience that not only prepares students for exams but also sets them up for lifelong success.
Our dedication to enhancing your child’s learning experience goes beyond the classroom. We provide extensive support through Cognitus Online, our Centre Library, and continuous teacher-student-parent engagement.
Let’s embark on this educational journey together. 
Register now and discover the Cognitus Academy difference.

What Parents Say:

Desmond Chew:

“My son has been an avid reader since young and do have a relative good command of the English language. However, there are times when the construct of his sentences were not quite up to mark. Thus, to improve his language further, we decided to enroll him in an English enrichment class. 

Cognitus focuses on critical thinking and integrating the English language skills that is required to manage the school exams. Critical reading and writing skills is also imparted to my son to allow him to manage his language better. 
Having been in Cognitus for 3 years, I can see the vast improvement in his English and will highly recommend if you are looking to improve your child’s language skills.”
Steve Siu: 

“Cognitus Academy uses unique methods in training and motivating students in their development of critical thinking skills, awareness of current social and domestic issues. Best GP and English tuition centre!”

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Cognitus Academy - Singapore's Premier PSLE and O-Level Tuition Centre, Celebrated by Thousands of Parents and Students

At Cognitus Academy, an astounding 88% of our primary students and 80% of our secondary students achieve distinction, thanks to our pioneering CRW™ Learning Systems. This system is especially effective for those who initially scored ‘B’ grades or lower.
As one of the few tuition centres in Singapore to apply a “Gifted Education Programme” (GEP) approach across all subjects, including English and Mathematics, we have become the go-to for comprehensive PSLE and O-Level preparation. Our offerings extend to nurturing young minds from primary through to secondary levels.
Our team of educators includes award-winning former MOE Heads of Department (HODs), NIE-trained teachers, and full-time tutors with advanced qualifications. These professionals bring a wealth of experience and dedication, having guided thousands of students to excel beyond their expectations.
Cognitus Academy stands out for its proven track record of transforming students’ academic performance, making us a top choice among parents and students. Dr Daniel Chua, our founder and an award-winning former MOE HOD, brings over a decade of educational expertise and recognition to the academy.
Enrol your child at Cognitus Academy and join the many who have soared to academic success, where every student’s potential is realized and nurtured to achieve extraordinary results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does your programme benefit my child?
    After more than ten years of refinement, our Critical Reading & Writing (CRW) Strategy has helped hundreds of students improve their English results by at least one grade, with several achieving Distinction for PSLE and O Levels. 
    The CRW Strategy is adapted from the Critical Thinking framework that is being used to teach students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). We have infused the essence of the Critical Thinking approach and created the CRW Strategy that has an impact on students’ Comprehension Open-ended, Comprehension Cloze Passage, Comprehension Short Answer Questions (SAQ) and Summary. The CRW Strategy also develops students’ writing ability, helping them in their Continuous Writing and General paper essays.

  • How qualified are teachers at Cognitus Academy? Are they NIE-trained?
    We share the same concern with the parents of all our students. We want the teachers teaching your child to be the best at what they do and demonstrate the professionalism befitting an educator. All Cognitus Academy teachers undergo a stringent interview process, rigorous training programme and aptitude tests before they are allowed to teach our students. All our teachers have completed university education with high achievements and have wealth of experience teaching English, including writing. Guided by Dr Daniel Chua, an NIE-trained ex-teacher and a former NIE lecturer himself, our teachers meet weekly for professional development and mentoring. 
    Not all our teachers are former MOE teachers. While we believe that the training and experience of a former school teacher can be invaluable, our observation has been that students taught by former school teachers may not always do well when it matters. Otherwise, parents would have sought their children’s school teachers for guidance. Armed with our strategy and teacher development programme, we believe that our team of teachers will help your child improve and excel.

  • Do you offer a trial lesson for new students before they commit to termly lessons?

    Yes, we offer a trial lesson for students who are new to Cognitus Academy. We understand that parents need to know that our programmes can meet the needs of their children before they commit their time and resources at our centre. Therefore, we will arrange for a trial lesson in one of our available class slots for new students to try out the teaching approach, lesson material and classroom environment before joining us. The teacher will conduct a brief diagnostic session with the student 15 minutes before the lesson. After the lesson, the teacher will conduct a 15-minute feedback session with the parent. Please note that the teacher may conduct these sessions over a phone call due to the teacher’s lesson schedule.

  • Do you offer replacement lessons if my child misses a lesson?

    To fully benefit from the programme, students are strongly encouraged to attend lessons consistently. In the event that students are unable to attend a class due to school events or medical leave, we offer replacement lessons to be scheduled within the same lesson week. Students are allowed to join an existing class of the same level if there are available seats. Should your child be unable to attend a replacement lesson during the week, lesson materials will be passed to him/her in his/her next lesson. While we will try our best to schedule a replacement lesson for our students, we regret that replacements classes are not guaranteed. We also seek your understanding that fees collected are not refundable because resources have been committed to provide the lesson for your child on the scheduled time. 

  • How many students are there in a class?

    We keep our class sizes small for conducive learning, around 10 for English. The aim is to provide the best individualised support for students within a group. Our consistently good results are a testament to the effectiveness of our class sizes.

  • What else is Cognitus Academy doing to enhance my child’s learning?
    In addition to weekly lessons with our teachers, Cognitus Academy offers the following channels to help our students improve their English results.
    – Our Blog pages feature study tips, exam techniques and model compositions to support our students and parents
    – Our student online portal, Cognitus Online, provides supplementary materials, such as past exam papers, for students to practise before their exams.
    – Our teachers hand-pick more than 200 titles for our Centre library, which exposes students to a range of genres and literature.

  • Where is Cognitus Academy located?
    1 Goldhill Plaza Podium Block,
    #02-39 (main office) & #03-05,
    Singapore 308899
    (Located Beside United Square)
    Nearest MRT: Novena MRT Station