“Education is primarily about getting good grades to secure a good job.” What are your views?

by Iain Ong (S4 2022)
              “If you don’t study hard you will end up working at a construction site.” This is something that most Singaporean students or children have heard their parents say. This is because Singapore is a meritocratic society and Singaporean parents believe that talent, effort, and achievements are the key to success. Thus, I agree that education’s primary goal is about getting good grades to secure a job.
              Firstly, education provides educational qualifications required for jobs. Educational qualifications indicate your competency in that subject. Getting good grades will enable you to secure educational qualifications from reputable institutions including diplomas and degrees. Employers will request for your certificate or qualification to ensure that you are legitimate and suitable for the job. In 2020, approximately 9163 thousand residents aged 15 and above who are in the labour force have a degree. Moreover, employers with educational qualifications tend to be more competent in their work as they have the skills and knowledge required for the job. Therefore, education is primarily about getting good grades in order to get the educational qualifications required for jobs.
              Secondly, education equips individuals with the knowledge base that is required in the work force. Having a strong knowledge base of the subjects that the work requires will solidify your chances of getting the jobs as you already have some expertise in completing the tasks of the job. For example, working as a researcher in a laboratory requires you to have basic knowledge about laboratory equipment, safety rules and research techniques. If you further your studies in university, you will be in a better position to perform the job compared to others. This is especially important in a fast-paced society like Singapore to ensure you remain competitive. Hence, education’s primary goal is about getting good grades in order to equip individuals with the knowledge base required for jobs.
              However, education’s main goal is to instil self-discipline and responsibility in students. With these values, students are able to manage themselves and aspects of their lives like their sleep schedule and homework. They will eventually be able to manage their time more efficiently and effectively. In doing so, they will also build self-discipline as they learn to turn down friends and distractions. For example, the average teenager is at home for about ten to 11 hours a day. In these hours, the teenager must complete their homework, chores, have meals, and sleep. Therefore, education’s main goal is to instil self-discipline in students, an important skill.
              Despite education helping students build self-discipline, these values alone will not help students secure a paying job. This is because an employer will not hire someone who has no qualifications for the job based on their outstanding values alone. Such an employee will not know what to do during the job itself. Self-discipline alone will not take individuals far in life as they do not have the necessary qualifications and knowledge required by the job. To obtain what is required for a job, individuals still have to be educated. Therefore, education’s primary goal is getting good grades to secure a good job.
              Therefore, I strongly agree that education’s primary goal is to get good grades to secure a good job. In this essay, I have shown that education provides educational qualifications for jobs and provides the knowledge necessary for jobs. However, this primarily applies to Singapore and things may be different for students who migrate to another country with a different view and perspective on education.
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