by Cathy Chew (P4 2021)
                Max is a very hardworking boy. He will not give up no matter the difficulty he faces and will always try his best to win or achieve what he wants to. In the morning, when he is at school, he listens to the teacher and takes many notes. After school, he goes to the sports hall, warms up and runs a few laps around the track.


                It was the day of inter-school sports championship. Max had been chosen to represent the school in the race as he was one of the fastest athletes on the school team. He kept practising and did not give up, until the day of the race. Max was confident that he would win because he had spent hours practising. He was not nervous about facing his competitors.


                It was finally the day of the race. Max was prepared for the role. He felt a surge of excitement as he thought about how he would win easily and clinch the golden trophy. He reached the stadium where everybody was seated and saw that they were chattering in excitement. Soon, the race started. Max’s heart started pounding against his chest, perspiration trickled down his neck. He ran as fast as lightning.


                All of a sudden, his shoelaces had come undone, and he stepped on them and fell straight to the ground. He was disappointed. “How could my shoelaces have come untied?” he questioned himself. He was moaning and groaning in pain.


                The competitor in front of Max saw Max fall to the ground and felt bad for him, but he still did not care and continued racing. Even though there were bruises and scratches on his knees, Max never gave up. He gathered all his strength to push himself up from the ground.


                Max bottled towards the end to overtake his competitors. Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief as they saw Max in the lead again. When he was running across the finishing line, he felt very proud of himself as the others were struggling behind him. He was so relieved when he clinched the gold trophy in his hands that he grinned from ear to ear.


                In that race, Max learnt not to give up and push through hardship and difficulty. He learnt that he could achieve anything he wanted if he did not give up. When he went home that day. He told his parents what had happened. They swelled with pride and took him to a high-class restaurant to celebrate.


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