by Aidan Tan (P4 2021)

               “Hey, you are such a fatty!” an Upper Primary boy teased a Lower Primary boy and made him cry. Seeing this scene unfold in front of me, I remembered what had happened to me last time…

               “Today, we are going to welcome a new student!” my teacher said, gesturing towards me as I was new in class. Fortunately, the whole class welcomed me with open arms. But shortly after, the whole class noticed that I was very obese and teased me for my size. When I got home, I immediately told my mother what had happened and she told me to exercise more. Determined to lose weight, I decided to run five laps a day from then on.
 When I started my running regime, I started to find it hard to run because of my weight. I ran only two rounds when I realised my legs started to wobble like jelly. It seemed like forever to complete the third round. Once I completed the third round, I gave up. My mother saw me give up and urged me not to give up, but I ignored her.

               The next morning, my mother asked me about my exercise plan and told me to keep on trying, so reluctantly, I followed her instructions. Though I met some difficulties, I decided to overcome them. Gradually, my weight decreased, and I felt over the moon as I had become fitter, and gradually, fewer classmates bullied me. I kept on running every day as I wanted to remain fit. I also weighed myself to keep track of my progress. A year later, I was one of the fittest students in school. I learnt that determination is very important as it can help you achieve what you want.

               “You are as fat as a pig! You loser!” That shout snapped me out of my reverie and I decided to confront the student. After all, no one else in school looked fitter or stronger than me.


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