Describe the Most Memorable Holiday You Have Had

by Alyssa Chew (S1 2021)

        Have you ever had a memorable trip that you could never forget? Well, I have had one. I went to Japan with my parents and my grandmother on a tour. Since it was my first time going to Japan and I have always wanted to visit Japan, it was the most memorable trip of mine. During the trip, we went to almost all parts of Japan, visiting tourist spots like DisneySea, Universal Studios Japan, Tokyo Sky Tree, Nara Park and many other places.

        One of the most memorable things I did in Japan was visiting some places of entertainment. During the trip, we visited DisneySea and Universal Studios Japan. There were more than 15 rides in Universal Studios Japan. Compared to Singapore, where we only have only one amusement park to choose from, in Japan, there were plenty to choose from. In Universal Studios Japan, there were a lot of death-defying, merciless rides. Since it was a family trip, as much as I wanted to, I could not ride on those rides. I enjoyed my time in DisneySea more as a friend whom I made on the tour was the same age as me. Since we decided to pair up, we were permitted some rounds on the scarier rides. Flounder’s Flying Fish coaster is the ride that will be etched in my memory as all the different characters made it an unforgettable experience. Therefore, the places of entertainment in Japan made it the most memorable trip for me.

        The food that I had in Japan was memorable too. We had several hotpot meals, which were mouth-watering. Even though Singapore has hotpot, it was more memorable to eat it in Japan as the meat was really fresh. Furthermore, it was comforting eating it in the cold weather, since it warmed our bodies. We also visited one of Japan’s markets, where the street food was really tasty. We also took many pictures for memories. The tour guide brought us to a restaurant where we could experience making sushi. Although the sushi we made was not as good as what the professionals had made, it was still a unique experience as I had never made sushi by myself before. Therefore, the food I had in Japan made the trip exceptionally memorable.

        The final thing that made my trip so memorable was the sightseeing. One of the hotels we visited offered a magnificent view of Mount Fuji and we could see the whole mountain. I remember the tour guide telling us that during the winter season, it is really hard to see the whole mountain as it will usually be covered by snow. We took many pictures to remember this new sight. We also went up to the Tokyo Sky Tree. From that vantage point, we had a bird’s eye view of the city. It definitely was a new sight for me as I have never experienced looking at such a stunning skyline before. Standing in the Tokyo Sky Tree, the buildings below us were really small, as if they were mini figurines, as we were more than 500 metres above the ground. As Singapore is much smaller than Japan, we could never have such a thing here. I am glad I got to experience such sightseeing.

        My trip will definitely be etched in my mind forever. I had a great time, enjoyed myself and I also made a new friend. The food there was mouth-watering and really delicious – the best I have ever had. I would definitely recommend Japan to a friend as I had a great time there visiting the tourist spots and amusement parks. I really hope I can visit Japan again!

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