Primary 5

  • Last Update 18/05/2021


This is the Primary 5 course conducted by Cognitus Academy.


For Upper Primary pupils, our proven strategies for scoring A*s in PSLE English exams involve not only exam tips, but also equip them with critical reading and writing skills to maximise their potential.

Critical reading skills taught at Cognitus Academy have elevated students’ ability to read with understanding and score for sections such as Comprehension MCQ and Open-ended and Comprehension Cloze Passage.

Key Components:

  • Precision in grammar conventions
  • Appreciation and application of vocabulary
  • Accuracy and consistency in reading comprehension
  • Flair and creativity in written and oral communication
  • Termly assessment designed to stretch students’ abilities

Topics for this course

Term 2

T2W9 Corrections
T2W10 (17/5 – 23/5)
T2W10 Situational Writing Corrections
A Special Companion (Draft 2)
A Special Companion (Draft 3)
T2W11 (24/5 – 30/5)
T2W11 Corrections

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