Conquering Synthesis & Transformation

conquering s&t

Why is your child struggling with Synthesis & Transformation?

What are the 3 most common grammatical mistakes for Synthesis & Transformation?

Is there an effective strategy to consistently score for Synthesis and Transformation?

In this workshop for parents, discover the fundamental set of grammar rules that all pupils need to know in order to score for Synthesis & Transformation. Understand the grammar rules and equip yourself with the skills to teach your child these rules.

This workshop is conducted by Dr Daniel Chua, who is a former teacher and HOD in one of the top primary schools in Singapore. Having guided 82% of his Primary 6 pupils towards achieving A* for PSLE when in the teaching service, Dr Chua continues to develop solid, outcome-oriented strategies for his pupils in Cognitus Academy.

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16 Nov, Fri, 7pm to 8pm
17 Nov, Sat, 3pm to 4pm
18 Nov, Sun, 2pm to 3pm
23 Nov, Fri, 7pm to 8pm
28 Nov, Wed, 7pm to 8pm 

1 Goldhill Plaza #03-05 Podium Block Singapore 308899
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