Composition Introductions

Write an effective opening for an A* composition
In their compositions, our students convey their creative ideas upon understanding how a skilled writer writes. That is why our students’ compositions stand out amongst many in their cohort – they have successfully used the writing techniques practised in our classes.
One such technique is writing an effective opening.
An introduction is the first impression that a reader has of both the story and the writer’s storytelling skill. Hence, the opening line should inspire the reader to read more.
To create an effective opening, here are some of the techniques our students use:
·       The main character recalls an incident after chancing upon a trigger.
I felt a lump in my throat and tried to fight back tears. However, the tears I was holding back burst forth. My only friend was gone. I wished I could turn back time. As I was an only child, my pet Sunny was special to me. Since he was an old dog, Sunny had to be put to sleep. I recalled the time when I had found Sunny. I vaguely remember that fateful day
– Kokomi, A Special Companion
Short Sentence
·       The short sentence may be about the surroundings or the main character’s emotions.
All was quiet.
My soft footsteps cast eerie echoes that reverberated around the Hall of the newest university where I was due to perform in.
– Chloe, An Embarrassing Incident
·       The main character expresses his thoughts and feelings.
·       Use the best speech tags.
“It took a miracle for us to become best friends!” explained Michael to a group of inquisitive listeners. “Before that, we were mere acquaintances.”
He gave Zoey a warm smile. She was standing at the back of the room, watching him give a talk about kindness and friendship to students.
– Roswell, A Kind Friend
·       An object makes a sound that affects the main character.
Alice woke up with a start. Sunlight had already flooded her room and a wave of activities could be heard from outside her windows. Alice’s eyes widened with disbelief when she noticed the time on her alarm clock. She could not believe that she was late for school!
– Armaan, Being Caring
·       Asking a question will engage the reader to think about the topic.
Have you ever made a really grave mistake? Or got someone into trouble for something that they did not even do? Well, that was exactly what happened to me on one cold, stormy day.
– Joyce, Making a Mistake
We offer Writing Masterclasses for students who wish to learn valuable writing techniques and sharpen the writing skills that they have.
Some of our students’ compositions are also featured on our Cognitus Blog! Do check them out and look forward to more from us.

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