Celebrities are role models and should act accordingly. Do you agree?

by Chong Wen Hao (Sec 2 2021)
        Yes. Celebrities are role models and should act accordingly. Celebrities are influential people and have gained the trust and support of a huge number of fans or followers. They must be responsible and act appropriately by being respectful and being a good role model model for their fans, demonstrating good values and acts of kindness to their followers who will in turn be influenced and do the same.
       Celebrities are well-known people who are famous for their musical talents, impressive sports gameplays, award-winning movies or even creative inventions. Celebrities play a huge role in shaping their followers’ characters and ways of thinking since the followers look up to their idols with great admiration and respect. Their lives are mostly publicised and millions around the world can watch how they conduct themselves in public. A small act made by the celebrities can cause a ripple effect and widespread public reactions. For example, public figures like Elon Musk have a huge fan base with many watching his every move. Hollywood or Bollywood actors like Leonardo Dicaprio or Shah Rukh Khan must behave respectfully and be well-mannered so that fans can acknowledge them and look up to them as influential people. Hence, celebrities ought to behave accordingly and set a good example for others.
       Celebrities are human beings too and might make mistakes. Some might get involved in scandals when fraud or cheating take place. These are serious and concerning problems which will be publicly known. Social media usage is very common these days and with one click of a button, news can be easily spread to tens of thousands of people. If allegations are serious enough, there might even be tensions, fights, protests or riots occurring due to the celebrity scandals. For example, well-known people like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates must be cautious of their every move and avoid being involved in any type of scandal. One wrong move will see them lose millions of followers, destroy their business and might cause them to be sued a huge amount of money. Hence, celebrities must be aware of their behaviour at all times.
       Celebrities are influential people and role models. They must treat everybody equally with love, care and respect. They are crucial in shaping society and displaying the right values to the public. Well-known people are influential and must know how to act responsibly in public.
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