The modern world is so interconnected that the need for armed conflict among nations has been deemed unnecessary by pacifists.

Weaponry and violence have almost always been used as means to handle irresolvable situations. They are usually caused by territorial disagreements or the fear of being attacked, such as in World Wars I and II, and the Cold War.

“Ring! Ring!” My alarm clock rang. I woke up with a jolt. Today was a very special day as I was going to Tokyo with my family.

“Run!” Students darted across obstacles as they tried running towards their classroom. Only the unlucky ones remained in his wrath and they kept their heads hung low in fear.

“Quickly! Let’s get to the canteen now. Otherwise, there will be a long queue at the popular chicken rice stall!” John, my best friend, exclaimed, pointing towards the canteen, creases of worry evident on his forehead.

Jane’s tummy rumbled as she eyed the stalls in the canteen as the queues grew and food flew over the counter at a rapid pace.

“It took a miracle, something almost incredible, for us to become best friends,” explained Michael to a group of inquisitive listeners.

“Rise and shine, Jerry!” Jerry’s mother exclaimed as she drew the curtains.

The school bell echoed through the hallway, signalling that the Mathematics lesson was about to start.

“Ugh! Why must school end so late? I can’t wait to go home and take a nice, warm shower and watch my favourite show, Spongebob!”