Making a Mistake - Kenji Tan P6 2020

 Chuck-ching! Mother unlocked the doors as she took in a big plastic bag with her. Her sons, Jack and James, stared with curiosity.

Sarah Ng - S1 2020 Personal Recount

“Octavia! Get up! Its almost 8am! You are going to be late!” My mother’s voice jolted me awake. I looked over my alarm clock.

A Horrifying Incident - Ilman Waafy P2 2020

  Lessons had ended for recess. Tim started to pack his stationaries into his pencil case.

The chattering sounds of kids and adults in the theme park grew louder as my friends and I stepped closer to the entrance of the theme park.

Dear Diary, it was my best friend, Yoon-gi’s birthday last week and I got him a present. A lot of planning went into it and I think I gave him a very thoughtful gift. It all started like this…

"Ring! Ring!" the recess bell finally rang. The students in Greendale Primary cheered as they had a one-hour recess specially for that day.

  Like a placid river, the night was serene. I gazed out of the window as find memories of my win in an art competition the day before flooded my mind …

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“Mum! Today I’m going to deliver a speech in school! I’m going to talk about global warming!” Tom exclaimed.

Photo by Barry Weatherall on Unsplash

The tranquillity of the park was shattered by the cheerful screams of children.

Photo by Barry Weatherall on Unsplash

My sister squealed in excitement as her eyes shone with wonder at the multi-coloured streamers and balloons that filled the room.