Being Late for School

by Mynn Lim (P3 2022)
          “I can’t miss my exam!” Tom muttered to himself as he looked nervously at his watch. “If I miss it, my parents will definitely scold me for not doing well in English this year!” It was not the first time Tom was late for school that year but on that fateful day, he had a major examination. Unfortunately, Tom had overslept because he was doing some last-minute revision the night before. That morning, he had been waiting impatiently for his bus for more than ten minutes. With only twenty minutes to the start of the examination, he decided to run to the school’s side gate instead of waiting for his bus. He sprinted as fast as he could to school.


          Once he reached the side gate, he realised that it was locked! Tom decided to climb over the school gate so that the Discipline Master would not catch him. It seemed like that was his only choice then as he was frightened of the Discipline Master. Tom’s heart began beating wildly in his chest. He secured his school bag and mustered all his courage to climb the gate.


          Tom gripped the metal bars and hoisted himself to the top. Before he could jump off the top of the gate, he felt a tug. When he realised that his shirt had been caught on one of the sharp metal prongs, he panicked. He tugged on his shirt. Unfortunately, he had pulled too forcefully and fell to the ground with a loud thud.


          Tom felt sharp pain shoot up his foot and realised that he had sprained his ankle. Tom was in agony. Tears were streaming down his face.


          “Who is there?” A voice boomed. “Tom, is that you?” Tom’s eyes widened in honour. It was the Discipline Master!


          The Discipline Master noticed Tom’s injury and brought him to the nurse’s office. While the school nurse administered first aid on Tom’s ankle, the Discipline Master wrote a complaint note to Tom’s parents. Tom’s face turned red with embarrassment. He apologised for being a tardy student and was allowed to sit for his English examination that afternoon.


          Once bitten, twice shy. From that fateful incident, Tom learnt to be more responsible and he was no longer a tardy student.
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