Being Late for School

by Kavi Rajan (P3 2022)

Felix was an irresponsible student.  He enjoyed playing video games late at night.  It was a Sunday night and Felix should have been preparing for a class test the following day.  Instead, he was playing Roblox.

“Felix, wake up!  You’re late for school!” thundered Felix’s mother as she barged into his room.  Felix leapt out of bed with a shock and looked at time.  His eyes widened in horror when he saw that it was already 7.30am!  School was starting soon and Felix might miss his class test.  Felix scrambled to get ready and ran for his life.

Eventually, Felix reached the school side gate.  He was panting and beads of perspiration were rolling down his forehead.  He looked at his watch nervously.  He only had approximately a minute to get to class.  Suppose I can make a dash for class, he thought and pushed the school gate.  Unfortunately, the gate would not budge.

“Oh, my god!  The school gates are closed and it is 8am!”  Felix cried in despair.  After some thoughts, Felix decided to climb over the school gate.  It was his only choice to avoid the Discipline Master.

Felix clumsily tried to climb over the school gate.  He could hear his heart pounding in his ears.  Suddenly, Felix lost his footing and fell on the hard cement floor.  Felix bellowed in agony as a searing pain tore through his right ankle.  Tears rolled down his cheeks as he tried to pick himself up unsuccessfully.

Just then, Felix saw the Discipline Master walk up to him.  The Discipline Master was coming to Felix’s rescue as he had heard Felix’s cry.  He felt sorry for Felix and brought him to the sick bay.  When they reached the sick bay, the Discipline Master took down notes on why Felix was late as the nurse wrapped a bandage around Felix’s right ankle.

Upon reflection, Felix realised that he should not play video games at night.  He learnt a painful lesson that day: “Early to bed and early rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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