Being Honest

by Zaylen Tay (P4 2023)
          “When will I ever be rich?” I thought to myself.


         “Kirito, are you ready to go home or do you want to continue daydreaming?” Yokimo asked jokingly. It turned out that I had been daydreaming since the start of the ever-boring History lesson. Since the lesson was now over, I dashed out of the school compound so I would not miss the bus.


         Once I was in the park, I could not stop thinking about the new limited edition PlayStation. My bullies kept teasing me about being poor and not having it. I thought to myself, “It’s not my fault for not having it. It costs over five hundred dollars.” As I wallowed in my misery, something soon caught my eye. I saw a lone Louis Vuitton wallet sitting under a wooden bench. After I opened it, I started running my fingers through the green notes, counting them. To my surprise, there was just enough blissful green notes, five-hundred and sixty-one dollars, for the PlayStation in the wallet. Without wasting a second, I dashed to Play E, an electronic game shop.


         On my way there, I merrily thought to myself, “I will finally not get bullied so much by those bullies… That’s weird.” I was stopped in my tracks when I saw an unfamiliar man hunching over as he stared intently at the floor. Being my curious self, I decided to ask the white-haired man if he was searching for something. Not suspecting it had anything related to me, I awaited an answer. Creases of worry formed on his forehead like a detailed map as he said, “I wanted to buy my grandson, Race, the limited edition PlayStation for his birthday but I cannot find my wallet anywhere. I either dropped it or got pickpocketed.” Reluctant, I knew it was right to return the man his wallet, my one-way ticket to paradise, even though I desperately longed to buy the PlayStation.


         As I walked over to the man to return the wallet, I did not feel worried that the bullies would bully me, nor was I disappointed about not getting the PlayStation. Instead, I felt happy because little Race could get his PlayStation for his birthday.


         To this day, I learnt that honesty is the best policy and that we all have the potential to be honest. We just need courage to let it bloom. Even though the PlayStation was out of my reach, I have something more valuable than that – being able to stand by my morals in the face of temptation.


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