Being Caring

by Sean Chua (P3 2021)

               “Bye, Mario!”  I shouted to Mario, my best friend.  The sun shone brightly and the birds chirped happily as they flew in the air. It was a wonderful Friday and I had just been dismissed from school. I was walking home alone from school as I lived nearby. It had been a tiring week. I was really excited to go home and meet my parents as they said they would have a special prize for me since I attained an A* for my last exam. I was also excited to have a break for two days as, during the school week, I had gotten very little sleep. I was burning the midnight oil since my Mid-Year Examinations were coming.

               I was thinking about what I would do when I reached home. “Hmm, maybe I will watch my favourite show, Pokemon, or maybe I should read my favourite book, Geronimo Stilton,” I mumbled to myself.  I had a ton of ideas but I did not know which one I would choose.  As I was considering what I would do, I saw a little boy across the street, sobbing sadly, with tears down his cheeks. “Maybe someone will help him,” I thought to myself, rubbing my chin. However, after a while, I realised that no one seemed to care at all! When the green man lit up, I walked towards the boy. As I approached him, I gathered all my courage and said, “Are you okay? You seem lost.” At first, he was shy and did not speak, but then, after a few minutes, he stammered, “I am Tom. Can you help me? My parents walked too quickly and I could not catch up with them.”

               “I have my phone.  Do you want me to give your parents a call?” I asked kindly, reaching into my pocket.

               “Sure!” he said eagerly, wiping away his tears.

               Just as Tom was giving me his parent’s phone number, two adults were jogging towards us. It was his parents!

               “Tom! We have been searching for you!” Tom’s parents exclaimed worriedly, wiping the sweat off their brows.

               “Mummy! Daddy! I’ve missed you so much!” Tom cried in relief, giving them a big hug.

               “Thank you for saving our child. Could we buy you something as a reward?” they asked.

               “No, thanks. I’m glad to be of help,” I said, grinning.

               “Thank you! We will never forget your care and kindness!” they said repeatedly, shaking my hand.

               “You’re welcome!” I chirped, glad that I had stopped to reunite a boy with his family. That day, I learnt that you should always help someone in need, even if you do not receive anything in return. I will always cherish that wonderful experience.


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