Being Caring

by Goo Jun Seng (P4 2021)

        As dawn gave way to the cheery morning sun, Jack and his parents drove to a new shopping mall. When they entered the shopping mall, an instantaneous explosion of bright lights illuminating up every corridor greeted them. Jack and his parents walked along a corridor and tried to navigate their way around the shopping mall. They intended to go to a shop called Uniqlo. When they were heading towards the shop, the dazzling display of an electronics shop captured Jack’s attention. He was tempted to go into the shop to play games on an iPad.

Without his parents noticing, he slinked away, and his eyes shone with wonder as he picked up an iPad and started playing games on it. Jack was so engrossed in playing the games that his eyes were smarting. His eyes had turned red, and Jack knew he had to stop and rest his eyes.

When he went out of the shop to find his parents, he realised his parents were nowhere to be seen. It then dawned on him that he was lost. At that moment, Jack was speechless. Fear gripped him and he had to think of a way to find his parents immediately. He darted to Uniqlo to find his parents but could not find them.

“This is bad, I shouldn’t have gone off without my parents. I’m in big, big trouble.” Tears of sorrow welled up in Jack’s eyes. Jack sobbed uncontrollably as he stood in a corner.

Just then, Jack’s friend, Bruce, and his parents ran into Jack as they were exploring the shopping mall.

“What a coincidence, I didn’t expect you to be here. Anyway, are you lost?”

“Yes, I cannot find my parents. Can you help me?” Jack asked.

“Of course. I will bring you to the information counter to request for an announcement to be made.”
Bruce and his parents accompanied Jack to the information counter and requested for the staff to make an announcement.

“Will the parents of a boy aged around nine, wearing a white shirt and black shorts please approach the information counter on level two?” The announcement resounded across the mall. The wait was agonising for Jack. Thankfully, Bruce was there to console his friend. Jack’s parents were seen rushing to the information counter to reunite with Jack.

“Thank goodness! Where have you been? We were looking for you everywhere!” Mother said as she hugged Jack.
“Sorry, I went into an electronics store to play games without informing you beforehand. I shouldn’t have gone off without your permission.” Jack apologised. The overwhelming despair I felt when I realised I was lost is a feeling I do not want to experience ever again. “Thanks to my friend, Bruce, his kind and considerate act helped me reunite with you!”

Mother and Father heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you for being a caring friend Bruce. I was helpless before you helped me.” Jack expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards Bruce.

“There is no need to thank me. After all, this is what friends are for!” Bruce replied. Jack beamed widely. From that day on, Jack and Bruce were closer friends than ever.

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