Being Caring

by Aidan Tan (P3 2020)
     “Oh no, not again! I have failed another examination!” Ian was at a loss for words.


     He looked at the miserably low score scrawled at the top of the paper and hung his head in shame. Throughout the school semester, he had struggled to keep up with revision while going for his bowling practices and piano lessons. Unfortunately, he had failed his Mathematics examination for the third time. He knew that if he failed the next examination, he would not have a chance in passing his Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and he would need to restart the year. He was in deep trouble. As he sat in his seat in the empty classroom, terror gripped him. He knew he could not cheat because it is against the rules. Ian wallowed in self-pity as he wondered what he could do to improve his scores.


     Just then, Mary walked into the classroom and noticed that Ian was sitting there alone. When she approached him, she noticed that there were tear stains on his cheeks. Ian was shocked to have been caught crying.


    “What has been troubling you, Ian?” Mary asked in a soft soothing voice.


    After listening closely to his explanation, Mary offered to help him. After all, she was the best in Mathematics in the cohort. His eyes lit up at the word “help” and accepted her offer.


    That entire week leading up to the examination, Ian and Mary studied together. When it was time for the examination, Ian tried his best and recalled what Mary had taught him. Once they received their results, they jumped for joy as they both passed with flying colours.


    Ian was grateful to Mary and thanked her for her help. He learnt how others felt when someone helped them and from that day on, he was willing to help anyone in need.

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