“Rise and shine, Jerry!” Jerry’s mother exclaimed as she drew the curtains.

The school bell echoed through the hallway, signalling that the Mathematics lesson was about to start.

“Ugh! Why must school end so late? I can’t wait to go home and take a nice, warm shower and watch my favourite show, Spongebob!”

Dear Diary,             Guess what?! Today is and will always be the worst day of my life. Here’s what happened. A few days ago…

 Every time I visited the school hall, I would fondly recall the moment I stood at the podium and presented my "Good Morning School" (GMS) project for the first time.

 “Are you almost done getting ready?” My mother kept asking me frantically while getting dressed in her room.

 “What? Mark has the pencil I have always wanted from Smiggle!” Ben, the notorious class bully, thought to himself as his heart burnt with envy.

The day blossomed like a beautiful flower with an array of colours. The golden rays of the morning sun filtered through my bedroom curtains, showering my room in its brilliance.

“Boom!” The crack of thunder caused me to jump. I had just ended my three-hour long Chinese tuition and it was pouring outside.

“Come and get your washed T-shirt! Remember to hang it up in your cabinet later!” my mum hollered. It was like any typical Sunday morning.