Fact: A good story can’t exist without good characters. Also fact: Most students have difficulty developing one.

A good plot is crucial to a good composition.

You can’t escape the news. Children these days have never been in a world more interconnected, with information more readily accessible. It’s both a boon and a bane: it’s getting harder to shield our little ones from the harsh realities of the world, and yet, accessibility to information has opened so many opportunities and possibilities for your child; including new avenues to learn and master English.

Mathematics: It’s unavoidable. Present in our everyday lives. How then, can we encourage our children to love Maths?

"You're going to break my windows! Go away!" Paul screeched while brandishing his walking stick in the air.

“Come on!  Let’s go for a walk!” I called out to my beloved dog Aurora while tugging on her leash. Aurora barked and bounded towards me.

“Mike! Make sure it is clean as new!” my mother nagged as I walked up the stairs.  As I opened my bookshelf, I started pulling out each and every book I saw to dust them.

“Aaah… What a peaceful day! Time to prepare for my piano performance. Time flies too fast — there are still two more days till the performance and I can’t wait to show everyone what I have been practising,” I muttered to myself as I stretched my arms outright before I clasped them together, full of hope.

 Will was a very playful boy. He always did the wrong action when he knew what the right thing to do was.

“Hey, you are such a fatty!” an Upper Primary boy teased a Lower Primary boy and made him cry. Seeing this scene unfold in front of me, I remembered what had happened to me last time…