“Riiinng!” Tony’s alarm rang at 7 a.m. However, Tony thought he was dreaming so he turned it off. He went back to sleep as he was very sleepy and confused.

“Ring ring…” The last bell of the day rang as Peter dashed out of his classroom. “Oh no! I might miss the premiere of The Avengers in the cinema as it is already 1.30pm and The Avengers is at 2.00pm!”

“Yay!” I thought. Today I was going to enter the Canton Middle Primary School’s running competition.

As I looked out of my house, shafts of the morning light poured into my room. I was wondering what the fresh new day would hold for me.

It was the June school holidays, and my parents chose to take my siblings and I to Paris and Beijing. We might even get to see the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel tower!

Tommas Reardon was a beefy man with eye bags, red swollen eyes and who was nearly bald. He worked as the chief supervisor at Red Sun Movers, a prestigious company known world-wide for its precision in its deliveries and which held the position for world’s best moving company for the past ten years.

“Finally!” Jane exclaimed, unable to contain her excitement. The much-awaited day had eventually arrived when the students had to do a group project as part of their examinations.

I lay in my bed, staring at the blank ceiling, not knowing what to do. The beeping of machines resonated in my ears.

Yes. Celebrities are role models and should act accordingly. Celebrities are influential people and have gained the trust and support of a huge number of fans or followers.

Are you and your child disappointed that this mid-year examination results have not met expectations? You are not alone. Leading up to the mid-year exams, some schools have already been affected by COVID-19 cases.