An Unlucky Day

by Adriel Lim (P3 2022)
          I was exhilarated. My parents had bought me a new phone of the latest model. I was as happy as a lark and could not stop grinning from ear to ear. My heart raced with excitement upon receiving the new phone. I decided to bring it to my tuition lesson on the same day as I was very eager to use it as soon as possible.


          Before I had realised it, my tuition lesson passed like a breeze and I did not even think about my phone. In my hurry to get home, I had accidentally left my backpack unzipped. I skipped happily while crossing the road. Little did I know, my phone had dropped out of my bag and onto the road.


          Once I had reached home, I wanted to kick back and relax by watching YouTube. With an enthusiastic grin, I reached my hand into my bag. To my horror, the phone was missing! I screamed at the top of my lungs, devastated that my new phone had mysteriously disappeared. Not only was the phone my most prized possession, but I also dreaded breaking the news to my parents. The phone must have cost a bomb! My heart palpitated wildly thinking of this.


          I went outside my house for a breath of fresh air to calm my nerves, still in disbelief that my phone was missing. I walked down to the streets in shame. After some time, I espied a pile of shiny metal on the road. There it was – my phone, crushed to pieces, mechanical parts sparkling and soaked from rainwater. I tried to salvage as many parts as I cold. Alas, it was to no avail. I simply sighed in resignation and muttered under my breath, “Like the saying goes, ‘you win some, you lose some’.”


          I trudged back home and told my parents what had happened. They said gently, “Son, next time be more careful, okay?” I nodded with a tear in my eye. What an unlucky day.
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