An Unforgettable Outing

by Tan Su-Ann (P4 2022)
        “Pass the ball to me!” Vivian hollered at us. Hearing her calls, I quickly threw the ball to Vivian and she swiftly threw the ball to another player who was nearer to our goal. It was the school holiday and I was at the beach with my friends Janice, Jane and Vivian. We were engrossed in playing with the beach ball as the sun smiled down on us and the salty breeze caressed our cheeks.
       After playing with the beach ball, we yelped with glee as we raced one another to the sea, not worrying about getting our slippers and feet wet. That afternoon, we made some majestic sandcastles, too! The cerulean sky and the aquamarine sea were so radiant. It was a perfect day so far. Janice, Jane, Vivian and I had a whale of a time. We did not let the heat affect our cheery mood as we collected beautiful seashells along the seashore.
       Just then, not far from where we were, a large green animal crawled out of the sea and lumbered onto the sand. My friends let out an involuntary gasp. I turned around and my eyes widened in awe upon seeing a colossal turtle! Amazed by such a natural wonder, we approached the turtle gingerly to get a closer look.
       The turtle began digging up some sand in a secluded area. Remembering a nature documentary I had watched last month, it dawned on me that the turtle was laying its eggs!
       “Jane, Vivian and Janice, be quiet! Don’t disturb the turtle. It is going to lay its eggs soon,” I whispered. Jane and Janice nodded with understanding. However, Vivian ignored my words. With a glint of mischief in her eyes, she decided to do what she was told not to. Once the turtle started laying its eggs, a sneaky grin spread across Vivian’s face. She surreptitiously picked up some seashells and threw them at the turtle.
       “Take that, you silly turtle!” she cackled loudly as she pelted the turtle with the seashells. The turtle whimpered in pain. Horrified by Vivian’s actions, anger surged inside me like a caged beast waiting to be unleashed. Fuming with rage, I grabbed Vivian’s arm and pulled her backwards.
       “Vivian, don’t you know abusing animals is wrong? Leave that poor and helpless turtle alone!” I castigated her with a deep furrow in my brows. Jane and Janice scowled and reprimanded Vivian, too. After that, I explained why it was wrong to abuse animals. While listening to my explanation, guilt was eating Vivian alive. Waves of regret hit her like blows from a sledgehammer. Vivian apologised to me as she had not listened to my instructions and abused the turtle.
       As the saying goes, “Once bitten, twice shy.” That day, I hoped Vivian learnt her lesson not to abuse animals ever again. It was such an unforgettable outing!
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