An Unforgettable Incident

by Taher Rangwala (P6 2021)
       The sweet smell of crepes and the animated chatter of passers-by made me squeal in delight. I was finally in London and this was my dream come true! I was over the moon with joy. A shopping spree had consumed my entire day and I was buying mountains of clothes, toys and souvenirs. My mother had reminded me to be home by 8 o’clock. Given that I was an irresponsible person, her words had fallen on my deaf ears. I disregarded my mother’s instructions and kept on shopping at the mall till late. That was my biggest mistake.
      After some time, it started getting dark. Hence, I decided to head back to the hotel. The dark, creepy surroundings sent a shiver down my spine. It had also begun raining cats and dogs, and I did not have an umbrella. I recalled with annoyance that my mother had reminded me to take an umbrella. Again, my irresponsibility had won. I was all alone, shrouded in the dark. Hot tears of shame threatened to trickle down my cheeks as I tried to use a magazine to shield myself from the rain. This was useless, as the rain started seeping through the paper. I was still getting wet. The loud, audible claps of thunder and the pouring rain caused me to have butterflies in my stomach. I started shouting for help.
      “Hey, let me help you,” a kind voice reassured me from behind. A man, holding an umbrella, had seen me shaking like a leaf and offered help. I thanked him profusely and asked if I could borrow his phone to call my mother. He agreed and I immediately called my mother and requested for her to fetch me. I admired this man’s kindness and my eyes lit up with joy. This was a Good Samaritan in real life!
      The man led me closer to the hotel, where I caught a glimpse of my mother hastening towards me. I heaved a huge sigh of relief and embraced her in a huge hug.
      “Thank you so much!” she spoke with her voice quivering with gratitude. She even offered to give the man money as a gesture of her appreciation, but he declined and chuckled, “Hahah, there is no need for this. I was just doing my job.” We then exchanged numbers and headed back to the hotel.
      My mother glared daggers at me and admonished me for my irresponsible attitude, her blood boiling. I hung my head in shame and apologized regretfully for my actions. I was stripped of my privilege to go anywhere alone, but it did not matter. I was just relieved that I was back home, safe and sound. That truly was a memorable incident.
      From that incident, I learnt that I should have listened to my mother’s advice as our elders only wish well for us. Furthermore, if not for the kind stranger, I would still have been lost. I am inspired by his kind act, to always help others in need. That small act of kindness was unforgettable and will be etched in my memory forever.

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