An Unexpected Friendship

by Ashlyn Lai (P6 2021)

             Ring! The school bell rang shrilly and Jason got ready to go home. Jason walked as quickly as his legs could carry him and his eyes widened with every word he heard. When the class bully, Jake, saw Jason going home by himself, he hatched an evil plan and he broke out in a loud cackle.

             When Jason heard the evil laugh and saw Jake, his heart started pounding wildly in his chest because he knew what was coming. Jake slowly marched up to Jason and suddenly shoved him onto the floor with all his might! Jason’s glasses fell off his face. Jake stole his glasses which made Jason not able to see clearly and then Jake broke it. When Jason tried his best to stand up, Jake exclaimed, “Look at you! You are so weak that you can’t even stand up!” Hearing that, Jason clenched his fist and wanted to punch him and he felt his face getting hot. However, he remembered that fighting is wrong.

              The next day, Jake and Jason went back to school. Jake and Jason were table partners and attempting a Mathematics homework question but Jake did not know how to do the question at all.  He did not want to ask Jason as they had never been friends or helped each other.  Jake was scratching his head and finding ways to do the question. So Jason offered to help him.

             “Even though you have been bullying me since the start of the year, since no one will help you at home, then I shall help you,” Jason said kindly. When Jake heard what Jason had shared, his heart felt heavy and he sat with his shoulders slumped.

              Jason kept explaining the homework until Jake understood the question. When Jake finally understood, he got the answers and they were correct! Both Jake and Jason felt accomplished.

              After school, Jake apologised to Jason for what he had done to him, and assured Jason that he had turned over a new leaf and would not bully anyone anymore. Jake also assured Jason that he had become a kinder person.

              After all that had happened, Jake learnt that friends can be found in unexpected places. They played sports with each other after school and shared happy moments with each other during recess while eating together.


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