An Embarrassing Incident

by Aden Ong (P5 2020)
         Looking at the award in my room, I remember a story that happened a few months ago. This was what happened…


          It was a beautiful Friday morning as the sun shone brilliantly and the pond glistened invitingly. I woke up to the sound of the birds chirping outside my window and realised that it was the day of the award ceremony. I had won the “Most Valuable Player” award for my school’s soccer team and was extremely proud of myself. I rushed to my parents’ room and kept jumping on the bed, asking them to wake up.


          I pleaded, “You need to take me to school for my prize presentation ceremony!”


          My parents got off their bed groggily. I went to wash up and took my whitest and straightest uniform to prepare for my ceremony. By the time I was ready, my parents had already prepared a scrumptious breakfast for me and we set off after breakfast.


        While my parents were driving me to school, they told me not to be anxious as it was a very quick process of walking up the stage, collecting the prize and walking down the stage. When we reached the school, my parents wished me all the best and went to their seats to watch the ceremony.


          First to be awarded was the Spelling Bee team. They went up on stage and collected a gigantic bee trophy. Next was the “Most Valuable Player” award. My parents took out their cameras and got ready to take a video of me. I puffed up my chest and walked up the stairs to the stage.


          My heart raced uncontrollably as I began my ascent. I was suddenly feeling nervous. At the top of the stairs, my legs wobbled like jelly and I fell face first on the ground. At that very moment, the audience burst out into laughter. My mind was in a whirl.


          I was thinking,” Oh no! What have I done?”


          I was blushing but mustered up the courage to get up and continue walking. When I stopped to collect the award, all the parents stood up, clapping and cheering me on, congratulating me, and trying to calm my nerves. Unfortunately, my heart kept pounding wildly, as I dropped the award on stage. I fell on my knees and desperately tried to pick up the broken trophy. My heart sank. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me in that instant.


          As I walked down the stage on the way back to my seat, feeling utterly embarrassed, I thought that my friends were going to laugh and make fun of me. However, to my surprise, they apologised for their rudeness and inconsideration. I was taken aback by their response and told them that everything was all right. Their support had made everything better.


          After this fateful incident, I learnt to be careful the next time there was an important event with a large audience, in order not to make a fool of myself. I also realised that it was utterly embarrassing to be laughed at. Therefore, I made a promise to myself to never laugh at others when they have an embarrassing moment.

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