An Accident in the Canteen

by Matt Sim (P3 2023)
          The recess bell rang just as Mandy’s form teacher finished her final sentence. After pushing in their chairs, Mandy and her classmates streamed out of the classroom and made a beeline for the canteen. Mandy was so eager for recess that she jostled her way past her friends and walked briskly to the canteen. Then, she bought herself a bowl of piping hot noodles and walked to her friend’s table with her tray of food. Meanwhile, her friends, Nora and Thea, were savouring their meals.


         Unfortunately, Mandy did not know that a student had spilt a large amount of fruit juice on the floor while she was ordering her food. The student was very selfish. He did not want to clean the puddle of fruit juice and had simply walked away. Furthermore, the cleaner was not around. Mandy was so excited to sit with her friends that she walked briskly, without noticing the puddle in front of her.


         “Ahh!!” Mandy’s scream cut through the air. She slipped and fell on the floor with a loud thud. Her chopsticks and noodles went flying in the air. A boy who was passing by looked at Mandy in shock as she fell.


         After she fell to the floor, Mandy winced in agony as it felt like she had sustained a nasty bump on her head. She was right. There was a dark blue bruise that had formed on her forehead. Tears welled up in Mandy’s eyes and hot tears streamed down her face.


         “Are you okay?” A sweet voice made Mandy look up. It was Nora! Nora picked Mandy up and asked once again if she was okay. At the same moment, Thea offered to buy another bowl of noodles for Mandy. Feeling grateful, Mandy thanked Nora for her help, and she thanked Thea for buying another bowl of noodles so that she did not have to go hungry.


         When Mandy went home, she recounted the incident to her mother. Worried about Mandy’s well-being, her mother checked on her quickly for any wounds and put a cold compress on Mandy’s bruise. Her mother also advised her to be more careful in the future. Nodding her head, Mandy promised to listen to her mother’s advice. That fateful incident would be etched in Mandy’s mind forever.


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